Dawn Day Night EP [Astrophonica]

So just who is the mysterious Dawn Day Night? Following his initial appearance on Fracture’s Get Busy the mysterious masked (and possibly undead) artist has thrown down at Sun & Bass festival, leaked a rather bizarre rider to Resident Advisor, and is now preparing to release his debut EP on Fracture & Neptune’s Astrophonica label. Given the close ties to Fracture speculation abounds that the two are in fact one and the same man…thusfar we have no confirmation, though the scenario seems to bear more than a passing resemblance to the recent Phillip D. Kick project (though with more facepaint).

The identity of the masked man aside, the EP is an intriguing fusion of ghettotech, jungle, breaks, trap and juke, with super precise syncopated percussion and tight sub lines accompanying some choice samples (my favourite being the cry of “Big Booty Girlllllllls”). Check out the previews, and look out for the EP on vinyl and digital, out tomorrow at all good stores.

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  1. […] fashioned drum & bass to excellent effect. The rhythms bring to mind the recent explorations of Dawn Day Night, though the tone of the compositions is much different (and distinctly less juke/ghetto-tech […]

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