Benny Page – Hot Body Gal (J Bostron Remix) [Rise Artists]

With the sun just beginning to show it’s face (at least here in Glasgow) it seems only right to look to the summery tunes, and there’s no better way to start than with some cheery reggae D&B vibes! Junglist badman J Bostron is on the case once again with a big, rolling remix of Benny Page’s new single Hot Body Gal.

While it’s unlikely to be the cleverest tune you’ve heard this year it proves an irresistible combination of fat snares, dub delays and ragga vocals; summer business to be sure. Check it out below and watch out for the remix dropping from April 20th alongside the original and other reworks from Moony and Famous Eno.

Hyroglifics – Why Don’t You / The Forest [Vandal Records]

Vandal Records have lined up quite a release schedule for 2014 with their latest selection of dark tech following hot on the heels of some big releases from Nickbee and Primal Therapy. This time it’s Hyroglifics at the controls who comes in with a pair of tasty collaborative tracks.

Ed:it collab Why Don’t You hits down with a heavy break and modulated bass, plus a nicely chosen vocal hook which brings to mind Break’s classic Slow Down. Over on the flip Philth gets in on the act, building atmosphere on the intro with eery synth work before a crisp drop and a big hulking bassline shuffle the tune along. Grimey! Check out the beats below and watch out for the release dropping from April 20th.

Fourward – Countdown EP [Shogun Audio]

Austrian neuro powerhouse Fourward drop the latest release on Friction’s Shogun Audio imprint, coming correct with three fresh new slices of big room neurofunk. As with previous releases such as the Aftermath EP for Audioporn (which I’m still rinsing in sets!) the new tunes combine the team’s proficiency for tasty bass textures with hefty drum lines and a knack for dancefloor sensibilities.

While none of the beats on show here are necessarily pushing the envelope that far, they’re all masterfully constructed and sure to move a crowd, and sometimes that’s all you need! Check out the clips below and grab yourself a copy on vinyl and digital now!

Kelle – Respirator / Radiophobia [ProgRAM]

Over the years RAM has steadily become, for better or worse, more and more focused on big room, dancefloor D&B from the likes of Wilkinson, and has moved away from the more experimental side of D&B production. It seems their new sibling label ProgRAM is seeking to change all that though, and the latest release from Hungarian producer Kelle takes things deep and dark.

Respirator opens up with a massive throbbing sub line, skittering percussion and a tribal rhythm that drives the relatively simple composition along nicely. Radiophobia ups the ante somewhat with more insistent snares and a slightly more rolling beat. Creepy synth stabs on the intro give way to a heavy steppers beat on the drop and more of that dark sub bass action.

Overall this release smacks of a producer who’s only just getting started; definitely one to keep an eye on over the rest of this year! Grab this one from your favourite outlet now.

Lobe – Asylum / Viral [Chaos Audio]

Bath-based producer Lobe touches down on Chaos Audio with a pair of rough and tough neurofunk belters! Asylum punches straight for the gut with hard sub hits, a grimey reese line and a relentless drum beat, with some nice edits giving the tune variation and character.

Over on the flip Viral pulls the classic bate and switch with soft, shimmering melodies on the intro giving way to a hefty drumstep beat and growling modulated bass. The bridge sees the atmosphere being pushed even further with an epic build up before a full tempo drop. Check out the clips below and watch out for this one dropping from April 17th.

Rahmanee – The Stopper / Reprazent [Breaks Per Minute]

German label Breaks Per Minute present their fourth release from Rahmanee! The Stopper fuses classic jungle breaks and dancehall influences with the darker side of D&B from the ominous pads in the breakdown to the hefty bass hits. Badman dark jungle, for sure.

On the flip Reprazent rolls up with a crusty old kung fu sample on the intro before a drop into a cheeky little sub and breaks combo that sees the bass wobble in and out of a low swung skanking beat. This one will certainly prove a nice switch up from the usual rollers for the DJs looking to challenge the crowd a little.

Check out the beats below and grab this one from Beatport now!

SEVA – Translation EP

SEVA’s free EP for NeurofunkGrid caught our attention a while back so news of new material dropping piqued our interest. Sadly it’s under rather unfortunate circumstances as Alex is selling this collection of tracks to help him get back on his feet, having recently found himself homeless.

Charity aside, the EP showcases a fine selection of deep, dark beats with a neuro tinge, showing a versatility compared to the impressive but rather pedal to the floor work on his previous NFG EP. Check it out below and grab the whole EP for the bargain price of £2!

[bandcamp width=400 height=274 album=2134068238 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=none]

New Blood Rising EP [Grindhou5e Audio]

NC-17 certainly knows his big bad neurofunk stompers and the latest Various Artists release on his Grindhou5e Audio imprint shows he has a bit of the A&R in him to boot! The EP features a selection of dancefloor weapons from up and coming producers worldwide and the quality is difficult to argue with.

All the tracks are solid but highlights for me come on Mr. Explicit’s old school reese tearer Dementia (a proper throwback to the early techstep/neurofunk of a decade ago), Fade’s dub-infused How I Do and the angular riddims and stabbing lead of Everest’s Citadel.

The release is out now on Beatport so check the clips and get to gettin!

Fractals – Forward In Time EP [Killscreen Recordings]

Killscreen Recordings step up with their 6th release, this time coming from Manchester based producer Fractals. Dark techstep vibes are the order of the day this time around!

Of the four tracks on the EP, the pick of the bunch to my ears comes on the rolling breaks and hefty bass of Ego. Elsewhere Dark Matter explores some interesting LFO modulations on the lead sounds over a rather off kilter beat and Electro Dub drops down to a halftime riddim with a distinctly dubby edge. Check out the beats below and watch out for the release dropping at all good digital outlets from April 7th.

Frederic Robinson – Vamp EP [Blu Mar Ten Music]

The follow up to Frederic Robinson’s excellent Mixed Signals LP just dropped on Blu Mar Ten Music and as with all of his work it’s a treat for fans of the deeper side of 170 BPM electronica. As well as the original mix of Vamp Til Ready (one of the album’s standout tracks) we’re treated to an extended live reinterpretation of the track, which captures the essence of the original while embellishing it nicely.

The true highlights of the EP come on the brand new material though. Synkro comes in on remix duties with a fresh take on Mixed Signals, lending it his trademark shuffling percussion and airy reverb-drenched atmospheres. I can’t think of a more appropriate producer to have picked and the rework is stunningly beautiful. Finally Frederic himself comes up with the rather Gold Panda-esque Wheels, dropping the tempo to 130 and getting a house vibe on; from the driving back beat to the odd rhythms of the lead sounds it’s an interesting look at the man’s talents at a different speed.

Check out the clips below and grab this on digital now from your favourite retailer.