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Premiere: Science of Man – Deeper Thoughts

Rolling liquid vibes with some classic breaks on our latest exclusive as we present the premier of Science of Man – Deeper Thoughts! Out to Triplicate Audio…look for the release on Beatport from Nov 26th.

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Premiere: Typecell – Complex

German imprint Subplate are back with another deep, dark release and this time it’s label boss Typecell at the controls for the appropriately titled Complex. Drawing on the fine traditions of sci-fi imbued techstep, this one is all about the groove; tight drums, weird effects, and atmosphere up to eleven. Watch out for the release dropping Dec 1st at all good digital stores…

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Premiere: Macrothyst & Kilobite – Black Mask

Today’s exclusive comes courtesy of German tech powerhouse T3K Recordings as they present the latest VA EP on their LTD imprint. Macrothyst & Kilobite team up on Black Mask, a threatening, stripped-back stepper which packs punch and atmosphere in equal measure. Danger! Look for this one dropping Nov 28th.

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Premiere: Radicall – Laidback

Straight outta Poland with a bag full of rollers, Radicall is fast establishing himself as a purveyor of finest quality soulful d&b paying homage to many of the genre’s classic traditions. Our latest exclusive comes from his second solo single for Terra Firma, and it’s a characteristically smooth roller. Jazzy tones on the intro give way to a warm wall of bassy goodness; not too crunchy, but more than enough energy to move a dancefloor. This is out today exclusively at Beatport, with full release to follow in two weeks time.

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Crash Comet – Untold Stories EP [Invasion]

Crash Comet’s latest EP for Invasion Recordings fills a niche that we haven’t heard anyone occupy since LA Artist Eighth Moon‘s releases last year; truly exuberant and unpretentious music, driven almost entirely by melody. Most of the liquid D&B released today either falls into the “dancefloor” category which is aiming for a very specific kind of club euphoria, or the “deep” category, which while often excellent tends towards a more subdued sound in search of subtlety.

The Untold Stories EP fits neither of these categories; while joyous and upbeat, this is nowhere near as maximal and pop-tinged as the “hands in the air” vibe of club liquid mainstays, nor is it as melancholy as much of the deeper end of liquid. There is an emotional range here, and a soft beauty, but also a a slightly child-like, almost naive feel to the tracks; the bright beats and soaring melodies feel untouched by cynicism, pure and elegant in their positivity.

While doubtless not to everyone’s taste, we fell instantly in love with the simple charm of the four tracks on show here. If you need a pick-me-up on a cold winter’s day, this might just hit the spot; check out the clips below and hit up Juno to grab a copy right now.

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Conduct – Oma LP [Blu Mar Ten Music]

Just over a year on from their superb debut LP for Blu Mar Ten Music, Conduct are back to the label for a second LP. After the varied delights and beautiful atmospheres of Borderlands, how well will the duo cope with the so called ‘difficult second album’?

Pretty well, it turns out. The guys haven’t rested on their laurels at all, and they’ve found time to explore some different sounding rhythms while still retaining that detailed, cinematic quality that defined the previous album. From the obvious rock influences on intro track Welcome In, to the shades of Burial and Frederic Robinson on the breathtakingly beautiful Out of the Blue and out into the aggy, staccato gut punches of RDM, there’s a positive smorgasbord of sonic delights to be found here.

The only possible complaint upon the first couple of listens is that the album perhaps doesn’t seem as cohesive as its predecessor; every track sounds distinctively Conduct, but the segues from one to the next sometimes jar slightly. Maybe this will ease with familiarity, and this is certainly an album we’ll be getting more familiar with over the next few months.

Oma is out now on Blu Mar Ten Music; hit up the label store to grab a copy on vinyl, CD or digital now.

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Breakage – Ric Flair Strut [Index]

Breakage is a man with some history in the D&B scene. From early singles on Reinforced and Bassbin, through the anthemic Staggered Dub on Critical and out into his later work for Digital Soundboy, James was a constantly inventive force in the scene for a decade, and his presence was missed when he began to eschew drum & bass in favour of explorations into other genres.

Thankfully in recent times he’s been back up at 170, although seemingly in no hurry with his output; Ric Flair Strut is only the second release on his newly minted Index imprint, following on from the February drop of Elmhurst Dub. The quality over quantity approach really shines through as a result, and both tracks on the new single are essential listening.

We’re not quite sure of the link to Ric Flair’s wrestling signature but the A-side certainly has a swagger; a deceptively simple combination of breaks, pads and bass, this one has a satisfying low-end wobble and more than enough punch to rock a floor. Flip-side Sanctuary meanwhile provides an ode to old school jungle, from the classic bleeps and echoed vocals to the basic sub hits and crispy breaks. Both sides are exactingly crafted, providing the antithesis to the hyperactive production found elsewhere in the scene.

Another great single from a master at work; check out the clips below and hit up your favourite digital store to grab a copy right now.

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Top 5: Dossa & Locuzzed

The new single from Dossa & Locuzzed for Viper Recordings brings a distinctly new angle to their up front dancefloor sound, wearing its influences on its sleeve in both name and sound. To celebrate the release, we asked the duo to run down their Top 5 funk influences. Check it…

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Premiere: No_Name – The Things We Left Behind

Chopped up darkcore jungle from the depths of Germany on our latest premiere as No_Name returns to Krytika Productions with a slamming slice of breakbeat chaos called The Things We Left Behind. Ominous pads, growling bass hits and a frenzied assault of chopped breakbeats combine on a track that takes in the influence of techstep, old school jungle and breakcore. Sick! Check it out and look for the track dropping as part of the VA We Are Products EP on Monday.

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Premiere: John E. Wink – Cycles

Mark Kloud’s Ground Mass label are back with another cracking new EP from Kansas City artist John E. Wink, and we’re very pleased to present the premiere of title track Cycles! Built around a sturdy halftime backbeat, Wink spins an intricate web of atmospheric synth lines, warm bass and percussive detail for an enveloping track that draws you into its depths. Look out for the EP dropping exclusively on Bandcamp from November 9th!

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