Premiere: Modu – Derelict Space

Lost Recordings celebrate 20 releases with a big new compilation dropping soon and we’re hyped to have the exclusive on album opener Derelict Space. With Modu on the buttons this one opens the Particles LP in style with a rolling tech funk workout; stomper! Check it out and watch out for the LP hitting Beatport on June 15th.

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Premiere: Lynch Kingsley & Neve – Deadly

Rua’s talent for signing exciting releases from artists at the cross-section between D&B, jungle, halftime and other bass music influences continues on today’s exclusive as we present the premiere of Lynch Kingsley & Neve’s Deadly! Blending dub vocals, deep bass, skittering breaks and a halftime backbeat, this is pure slow-fast euphoria; proper head-nodder! Look for this on vinyl and digital from June 29th alongside three other sick new beats from Lynch…

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Amoss – Everything Is Temporary [Dispatch]

Amoss are a duo we’ve been following here at DNB Dojo for many years now; from their early releases for the likes of Horizons Music through their work for Renegade Hardware, Diffrent, and of course Dispatch, the pair have carved a well earned reputation for crisp tech-edged beats with both depth and heft. It’s obvious both from their music and their Cranium Sessions podcasts that they know their D&B history, though it’s worth noting that they’re informed by it rather than shackled to it.

So then to their debut album Everything Is Temporary. Which of the many flavours of D&B long player would it be? Some artists use an album as an opportunity to showcase their versatility, either via lower-tempo genre-hopping or by crossing the various substyles of D&B. Others craft a strong concept, using it to weave a narrative through the music and tell a story or make a political point. Where would the long awaited Amoss LP fall along this spectrum?

As it turns out, Amoss have chosen to tread a slightly more timeless album path which might colloquially be referred to as “doing what we’ve always been best at”. One way and another (possibly due to the record’s fairly lengthy gestation period) they’ve ignored prevailing trends and knocked out a wicked selection of moody tech beats which feel both very Amoss and very Dispatch. Starting deep and brooding with cuts like Mind State and The Cardboard Man before building to absolute stompers later in the album like Century Seven and Chronograph, fans of their previous output will most certainly not be disappointed.

Every single piece of this album has clearly been a labour of love; every kick, snare, FX hit and bass stab perfectly placed, tweaked to exactly the right pitch or impact. From other artists this might have crossed the line into over-production, but what we have here is just the right level of polish and detail, and that rare feat – seventeen tracks of material that is stylistically very similar, but which still easily holds the attention for the hour it takes to listen and beyond.

Overall this is an album that we’ll be revisiting for many years to come, just like the rest of the Amoss discography. Check out the clips below and hit up the Dispatch Store to grab a copy right now.

Q&A – Lifestyle Music

As they gear up to unleash their brand new Belgian Connection LP, we thought it was high time for a little knees up with Lifestyle Music. Read on for the full lowdown on the album, the label ethos and their favourite tunes right now, plus we’ve got the exclusive premiere of Glÿph – The Megalodonist!

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DNB Dojo Podcast #19 – May 2018

Hex returns to the Dojo decks for the May instalment of the monthly podcast featuring all the best releases dropping this month. Beats inside from Digital, Toronto Is Broken, Amoss, Dexta, Crypticz, Phase & Villem and many more, crossing the styles from dark tech to rolling liquid, bassy halftime to amen junglism and everything in between. Watch out for unreleased dubs from Xorcore and Midik too.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Q&A – Toronto Is Broken

Not many artists in drum & bass today have the clarity of musical vision of Toronto Is Broken. Unconcerned with club trends and focused on music with a story and message, Christian’s early work for Sub Slayers won him the attention of Viper Recordings. With his new album You Are (Not) Alone dropping today, we grabbed him for a quick chat about techno influences, the state of neurofunk and his plans for the summer. Check it…

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Premiere: Seas of Grease – Sojourn

Today’s premiere comes courtesy of Melbourne electronic artist Seas of Grease. Taken from his debut self-titled LP, Sojourn provides an unusually uptempo interlude amongst a mostly ambient /downtempo album. That softer atmosphere is retained on this track too though, with lush synth work set to a driving D&B backbone. Check it out below and hit up his Bandcamp to grab the whole album right now.

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Premiere: John Rolodex – Vanquish

Today’s premiere comes from Canadian D&B stalwart John Rolodex as he drops a meaty old-school tech stomper for Trust Audio’s new Tribes Vol. 3 EP. Vanquish comes in hard with breakneck amens, big hits of bass distortion tons of vintage vibe; think classic Renegade Hardware. Yes please John! Look for this dropping June 4th at all good digital outlets…

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Premiere: Nemy & Rcallz – Criminals

Nemy & Rcallz land on Terra Firma this month with a pair of stomping tech rollers and we’ve got the exclusive on Criminals! This one is all about the dark rolling groove…simple but effective with more than enough heft to move the dancefloor. Watch out for this one coming May 22nd on Beatport with all other platforms following two weeks later.

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