Exclusive: Loomis – The Mirror’s Eye

We’ve got a superb exclusive for you today courtesy of Loomis who delivers a wicked slice of deep D&B for our occasional free download series. Shimmering synths, halftime back beats and atmosphere cranked right up to eleven; absolutely beautiful work. Hit up Soundcloud or Google Drive for a free download!

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Lockjaw – Human Research LP [Locked Concept]

It’s always exciting to see what an artist will do with the breadth of a full album, especially an artist who has been pushing the envelope as consistently as Lockjaw. In this case, the answer would be “a lot”; the Australian neurofunk producer has sidestepped the trap of producing twelve entirely-too-similar bangers and conjured a varied selection, while maintaining a coherent sonic identity and tone – no mean feat!

There are certainly a couple of more obvious modern neuro number in the form of title track Human Research and Current Value collab Passing, though both are interesting and impeccably engineered. Elsewhere though there are bizarre angular rhythms, jacking neuro-house, liquid-esque emotional rollers and cinematic, downtempo soundscape explorations. From dark and nasty to effortlessly effervescent, Human Research takes you on a journey through the vivid musical imagination of Lockjaw, and it’s a journey we’d thoroughly recommend you take.

The Human Research LP is out now on Locked Concept; check out the clips below and hit up Bandcamp to grab a copy now!

Premiere: Thing – Blessed Love

Prolific Estonian producer Thing brings his wares to Repertoire for today’s premiere! Blessed Love channels old school jungle into Thing’s talent for sonic experimentation, melting down crisp breaks, bassline modulations and weird FX hits into a joyously chaotic composition with tons of character. Look out for the EP coming Nov 2nd at the Repertoire Bandcamp!

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Premiere: Greazus – Sweat Equity

Everyone’s favourite Canadian hybrid-bass enthusiasts Greazus are back with a top notch selection of new tracks, landing this time on Toronto imprint Deviant Audio. Naturally we had to snap up an exclusive on the title track; Sweat Equity combines the duo’s knack for unusual rhythms and bassline pressure with a healthy dose of classic jungle and rave for a throbbing, hyperactive club belter. Sick! Look for the EP coming Nov 15th at Bandcamp with other stores following on Nov 22nd.

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Premiere: Retrakt – Gravity (Ding Remix)

Modular Carnage bring us a deep tech heater from Ding on today’s premiere as he delivers a new remix of Retrakt’s Gravity. Throbbing bass, tight percussion and minimal melodic hits make for a hypnotic chant of a tune, 100% groove. Look for this alongside brand new Ding track Roots at digital stores from Nov 1st…

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DNB Dojo Podcast #24 – Oct 2018

Another month, another fresh selection of D&B and Jungle courtesy of Dojo’s very own Hex! This time around there are beats inside from Alix Perez, Leniz, Transforma, Shimon & Trimer, Reflektor and many more, plus unreleased dubs from Geety, Your Favorite Neighbor and Jus Dubz. Check it!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: Wresker & Kilobite – One Night

Something a bit different on today’s premiere as Wresker & Kilobite join forces on an epic, synth-led journey for Peng Dominion! Taking it’s cues as much from 80s synth bands as contemporary liquid D&B, One Night brings an unusual sonic pallet to the D&B landscape for an emotional, evocative roller. Wicked track! Look for this coming Nov 2nd at all the usual outlets…

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Premiere: Nesium – Dimension Leap

Forest Biz are back this month with a new EP from US artist Nesium and we’ve got the exclusive on Dimension Leap! Definitely the mellowest cut from the release, this is chill liquid vibes with an edge of jungle in the breaks and just a touch of growl in the bassline. Beautiful work! Look for this dropping Oct 29th at all the usual digital outlets…

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Premiere: Sedo & St.Iff – Shorty

Sedo teams up with St.Iff for our latest premiere as the pair drop a dirty tech rumbler for Tesseract Recordings. Heavy hitting breaks, grimey bass and an infectious hip-hop hook make for a stripped back roller with more than enough weight to move a dancefloor. Sick! Look for the EP coming Oct 26th at Bandcamp with all other stores following Nov 9th.

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Premiere: K2T & Sirus – Freezeframe

Detached Audio return with more deep liquid vibes as label co-runner K2T joins forces with regular imprint producer Sirus for the lush, understated vibes of Freezeframe. Soft piano, rolling breaks and atmosphere up to 11; what more could you ask for? This is out today at all the usual outlets.

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