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Premiere: THUGWIDOW – Waste ‘Em feat. Sarah Zad [Premiere]

Our latest premiere comes from Manchester-based THUGWIDOW as he drops some serious jungle vibes for Lifted Contingency! Old school break chopping and a hypnotic lead line alongside the vocals of Sarah Zad make for a potent combination; pure vibes with a 90s twist. Check it out below and look for the release dropping April 17th at all good digital stores.

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Fanu – The Silent Watcher [Lightless]

The Finnish experimental drum and bass artist Fanu has just released his 10th album, The Silent Watcher. He seems pretty jazzed about it, and he should be. By his own admission, Fanu decided to use some older techniques on this record, and it really comes through. Snares and classic 90s-style D&B drum combos are employed on tracks like album opener Five Ounces and Otherworld. The snare and drum combo on Otherworld is so thick, in fact, that drum and bass heads worth their salt will wonder if this track is a re-issue of a mid-90s track. Also pervasive are the many and sundry vocal samples from TV shows and movies, another 90s staple.

The Silent Watcher isn’t all about vintage beats and vocal sample cuts, however. It appears Fanu, a more than 20-year veteran in the D&B game, is examining the history of this genre and, effectively, his own history right the way through to present time. Paracosm Part 2, for example, blends a modern half-time beat with grimy bass grind-downs the like of which have not been seen since the early noughties. The smoothed-out Presence even hearkens back to early dubstep, while album closer Agenda goes full-on ambient.

There’s a little something for every time period of drum and bass on this album, and it’s nice to see Fanu playing with all the eras he’s loved the most as well. The Silent Watcher is available to stream or purchase on Fanu’s Bandcamp, Discogs and Beatport pages and on the Lightless Recordings Soundcloud page.

Written by Layla Marino

Blog: (Dropping) Weird Science
Twitter/IG: @dropweirdsci

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Tim Reaper – All Right / Innerspace [Blu Mar Ten Music]

Tim Reaper joins the Blu Mar Ten Music family with two sublime jungle outings, taking us back to the sounds of the early 90s in superb style. A-side All Right is pure euphoria, with a soft, bleepy melody and pitched up vocal hook layered over chunky breaks and warm sub hits for a disarmingly simple yet utterly beautiful track. This one evokes memories of simpler times…

Over on the flip Reaper joins forces with Parallel for the deeper, darker Innerspace. Hard amens, gunshot FX and classic ragga samples get things off to a flying start in the first half, while shimmering pads in the back end of the tune progress the vibes into a more atmospheric, faintly psychedelic ebb. Nostalgia for sure, but difficult to argue with when it’s done so well!

All Right / Innerspace is out now on Blu Mar Ten Music. Hit up their Bandcamp Store to grab the digital direct or start scouring Discogs if you want a copy of the vinyl…

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Premiere: Lavance – 12 Inch

Old school vibes on today’s exclusive as Lavance lands on Silent Audio with crusty tech rumbler 12 Inch! Loaded with crispy breaks, dirty bass and classic rave stabs, this is gruff techy business with a vintage junglist edge. Yes yes! Watch out for this dropping as part of the Breaking Point EP from Mar 23rd.

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Premiere: Fanu – The Fall

We’re extremely excited for today’s exclusive as we present a brand new cut from Finnish breakbeat legend Fanu’s new album The Silent Watcher. Entitled The Fall, the track brings together a soft female vocal with hard, crunching breakbeats and growling analogue bass for an unmistakably Fanu-sounding take on the old school techstep sound. Serious business! Check out The Fall below and watch out for the whole album dropping Mar 21st via Fanu’s own Lightless Recordings imprint. Trust us, this one is a belter!

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 44: Jem One


To celebrate the release of his second LP for DJ Vapour’s 36 Hertz imprint we’ve got a big new mix from Jem One! Packed full of steppers, rollers and amen smashers, this is quality break-loaded D&B with an old school tinge and it still sounds fresher than ever. No tracklist on this one as there are a fair few dubs in the mix! Check it out and hit up the 36 Hertz Bandcamp to pre-order new album The Infinite Circle now.

As usual you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to YoutubeMixcloud, Hearthis.at or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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G.H.O.S.T – 41:39 Deeper EP [Goldman]

The ever reliable three man production team that is G.H.O.S.T are back this month with another top EP on their self-run Goldman Records imprint and they’re presenting their biggest selection of tracks yet; four fresh cuts spread across two 12″ plates and a further two digital bonus tracks to boot.

Thankfully the 41:39 Deeper EP isn’t a case of quantity over quality; once again the break focussed, slightly old-school style on show is impressive, and the larger selection of tracks sees a range of atmospheres set to those funky drums. Caught Slipping and Jam sit well with previous G.H.O.S.T faves in the dark and moody end of the spectrum before Heavy Shoulders switches the mood, with soft, chiming pads reminiscent of classic atmospheric drumfunk from the likes of ASC.

Before Dust goes in deep, chopping the drums into piercing, staccato rhythms to an eerie, almost cinematic selection of pads for the last track on the vinyl selection. Morph 242 hits harder still, with tough breaks and modulating bass sounding like an ode to the late 90s birth of neurofunk, before that style got quite as clean and clinical as it sounds today. Last but not least Peaks lays down a straight-up spooky roller sure to light up the dance late into the night.

Another finely crafted release from a team who clearly love both D&B and the vinyl format dearly. True to their artform! Check out the clips below and hit up the Goldman Store to pre-order the EP ahead of release on Friday.

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AGN7 Audio – Mantra / Vignette

Today we’ve got a brand new production / label project for your listening pleasure in the form of AGN7 Audio (that’s pronounced ‘Agent Audio’ if you were wondering; perhaps a sly nod to Trace’s DSCI4?). Coming at you from the US, AGN7 is the new brainchild of established producers SKTRM and Ronin Selecta, and their press release sets out the bold aim of “adventurous” drum and bass.

While the first single perhaps isn’t defining any new sub-genres quite yet, it’s certainly ignoring current trends in both US and worldwide D&B; a cynical attempt to top the Beatport charts this is not. Mantra brings to mind 2005-era hard, break driven techstep with a deep, ominous build-up giving way to harsh chopped up drums and massive bass hits. Over on the flip Vignette takes the foot off the gas a little, easing back on the bassline heft to focus on cleaner break manipulation set to creepy atmospherics. This one brings to mind darker material from the back catalogues of Seba, Paradox or Blocks and Escher, and it’s totally up there in terms of quality too.

Overall this is a solid statement of intent from a duo we’re looking forward to hearing more from! Check out the clips below and hit up Beatport to grab the release now, with other stores following in two weeks time.

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Premiere: Moralz – Get Em (Kloak Remix)

We’ve got a brand new exclusive cut today taken from the forthcoming Moralz remix EP for Free Love Digi with Seattle’s Kloak turning in a slamming new mix of Get Em. Chunky breaks and massive bassline business are the order of the day on this jungle-tinged smasher; sick one!

Look out for the EP featuring remixes from 6Blocc, Thomas B, Neuropunk and more, dropping August 29th at all good digital stores.

Facebook → www.facebook.com/kloakmusic
SoundCloud → @kloakmusic
Twitter → twitter.com/GetKloaked

Facebook → www.facebook.com/moralzmusic
SoundCloud → @moralz
Twitter → twitter.com/MoralzMusic

Free Love Digi:
Facebook → www.facebook.com/FreeLoveDigi
SoundCloud → @free-love-digi
Twitter → twitter.com/freelovedigi

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Lynch Kingsley – Eden EP [Inperspective]

Lynch Kingsley continues his impressive run of releases with three new tracks for long-running London imprint Inperspective. The results are outstanding, taking the musicality of Lynch’s work to a new level while retaining the tasty break chopping that has always characterised his beats.

Vision of Suffering kicks things off with a dark, moody take on old school jungle-tinged techstep; eerie pads, heavy breaks and massive sub hits drive this one along nicely. The track manages to maintain a threatening vibe without ever veering into more tearout territory and the crunchy drum work really makes it stand out.

Minutes of Silence continues in a similar vein, with a beautiful guitar lick intro giving way to frenetic break chopping business. Last but not least, Eden touches down with huge distorted bass hits and helter-skelter drums that veer in and out of the mix at breakneck pace. The second half sees the tune drop into a serene, ambient breakdown before switching things up into less angsty drumfunk riddims for a really tidy progression.

The drum programming on show here is top notch from start to finish; fans of Mako, Paradox and Photek should be all over this. You can pick the EP up right now via the Inperspective Bandcamp page so check out the clips and go grab a copy!

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