Premiere: Javano – Southbound

Javano lands in our premiere spotlight today with a deep, moving slice of leftfield 170 business. Undoubtedly influenced by the now decade-old Autonomic movement, Southbound is an exploration of unusual rhythms and cinematic soundscapes; the string section in the bridge is just blissful. Look out for this one dropping July 10th via Javano’s Brackwood Audio imprint.

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Premiere: Exsitu & Hickupz – Inertia

Atmospheric vibes on the latest from Subplate Recordings as Exsitu & Hickupz collaborate on thoroughly moody cut Inertia. Shimmering sci-fi synths, sparse but crisp beats and plenty of sub weight; tasty stuff. Look out for the release coming May 30th!

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Premiere: Mako – One Reality

It doesn’t get much better than this…we’re unbelievably hyped to have the premiere of Mako’s One Reality for you today! Taken from his Oeuvre LP for Metalheadz, this is a masterclass in razor sharp breaks, shimmering pad atmospherics and groaning bass tension. 100% trademark Mako business, and all the better for it. Hit up the Metalheadz Store to grab the album on vinyl or digital right now!

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Premiere: Tellus – Shimmering Valley

Tellus is in our premiere spotlight today with a cut taken from his forthcoming Landscapes EP for Locked Concept. Shimmering Valley is rich in texture and atmosphere, with reverb-laden percussion and cinematic synth-work taking centre stage; definitely one for the armchair rather than the dancefloor. Watch out for the EP coming December 14th…

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Premiere: MISO – The Pact

Today’s premiere sees MISO landing on Modular Carnage with a forward thinking slice of techstep. Powered along by finely crafted sound design, pulsating sub bass and punchy drums, The Pact is a perfect balance of dancefloor chops and sonic detail. Look out for this one coming Feb 22nd at all the usual outlets…

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DYL – Infinite Dylays EP [Alphacut]

Alphacut has always been a great source of the deeper end of D&B, and their new EP from DYL is no exception. Infinite Dylays (do you see what they did there?) spans a wealth of deep and atmospheric 170 sounds, presenting DYL’s finest work to date, at least to our ears here at DNB Dojo.

From the spacey cinematic halftime of We, through the microfunk influences of Ioana and into the harsh, beatless industrial soundscapes of Space Program, DYL plays with both light and dark and a variety of different sonic textures. Over on the flip we’re treated to the ominous tones and skittering percussion of Mechanism, techno influences on Undefined and spooky halftime vibrations on final track Alpha.

Overall Infinite Dylays presents a proper journey through some of the richest experimental D&B you’re likely to hear this year, and it’s definitely worth your time. Check out the clips below and hit up Redeye to grab a copy on wax right now…

Premiere: Mauoq – Voids (Conduct Remix)

Mauoq’s latest project on his very own Mauoq Music imprint sees previous tracks from the man himself getting the remix treatment from some talented scene luminaries, and we’re hyped to present the exclusive of Conduct’s remix of Voids! Switching up the original’s full-roll into a skittering halftime pattern and adding plenty of the detailed sound design Conduct are known for, this one goes deep…look for the tunes on vinyl and digital from May 9th on Bandcamp with other outlets following on the 16th.

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Conduct – Oma LP [Blu Mar Ten Music]

Just over a year on from their superb debut LP for Blu Mar Ten Music, Conduct are back to the label for a second LP. After the varied delights and beautiful atmospheres of Borderlands, how well will the duo cope with the so called ‘difficult second album’?

Pretty well, it turns out. The guys haven’t rested on their laurels at all, and they’ve found time to explore some different sounding rhythms while still retaining that detailed, cinematic quality that defined the previous album. From the obvious rock influences on intro track Welcome In, to the shades of Burial and Frederic Robinson on the breathtakingly beautiful Out of the Blue and out into the aggy, staccato gut punches of RDM, there’s a positive smorgasbord of sonic delights to be found here.

The only possible complaint upon the first couple of listens is that the album perhaps doesn’t seem as cohesive as its predecessor; every track sounds distinctively Conduct, but the segues from one to the next sometimes jar slightly. Maybe this will ease with familiarity, and this is certainly an album we’ll be getting more familiar with over the next few months.

Oma is out now on Blu Mar Ten Music; hit up the label store to grab a copy on vinyl, CD or digital now.

Concealed Identity – Levanter [Narratives]

In today’s world of low cost, high quantity digital output, Narratives Music are something of an enigma. Compared with the hectic release schedule of most D&B imprints, their leisurely pace (with sometimes only one release a year) stands apart from the pack, but the bar set by those releases very much stands apart too. Quality over quantity is a maxim more imprints might do well to try and follow.

The latest work on the imprint comes from relatively unknown producer Concealed Identity and holds true to the aesthetic of previous releases; deep, beautiful, and unbelievably well produced. The positively cinematic Levanter brings together epic pads, super crisp drums and soft, melancholy sax for a constantly cascading, reverb drenched halftime exploration that could scarcely be more spaced out if it tried. Dancefloor material this is most certainly not, but powerful and enthralling it most certainly is.

Calavera meanwhile brings similarly crisp percussion and hints of jazz but mixes them up into a more insistent, more threatening composition that carries a hint of the Metalheadz sound. The creepy string work and clattering drum section are absolutely hair raising on this one.

Narratives have once again excelled themselves here! Check out the clips below and hit up their Bandcamp page to bag the release on vinyl or digital ahead of the Jan 29th release.