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Premiere: MISO – Lost Frequency

German producer MISO is in the Dojo spotlight today as he prepares to drop a wicked new single for Counterpoint’s second Counter x Culture release, showcasing up and coming talent in the scene. Lost Frequency is a superb study in understated tech minimalism, keeping the beats precise, the sub rumbling and the midrange textures growling without swamping the rest of the track. Moody vibes! Look for this one dropping Apr 27th via all good digital stores.

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Premiere: Ghost Warrior – Redrum

Today’s exclusive comes from Hungarian producer Ghost Warrior who serves up a deliciously atmospheric new EP for re:st next month. Redrum channels the likes of Photek and Source Direct, recalling vintage 90s Metalheadz releases with an emphasis on atmosphere and precise, intricate percussion. Can’t get enough of this one! As always with re:st releases it’ll be available on vinyl and digital; pre-orders are up now at their store.

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Premiere: Manikin & Sense MC – Daydream

Australia meets London on the latest release for Terra Firma as Sense MC lends his inimitable vocal stylings to Perth-producer Manikin’s latest track, Daydream. Dirty techstep vibes inside the ride with a slick, relaxed vocal delivery, mixing the rough with the smooth! This one is out today exclusively at Beatport; general release follows in two weeks time.

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Premiere: Visages – Remover

Today’s exclusive comes from the debut EP from Visages, a new French production super-group comprising Ak:hash, Dask, Euk & Midn8runner. Combining their significant studio expertise to craft a serious roller, Remover is a deep, dark slab of techstep with a hypnotic lead arp line, precision percussion and a hefty sub groove. This one drops April 23rd on Impact Music.

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 67: ZeroZero

Our exclusive Mix Series reaches number 67 as we welcome tech production duo ZeroZero to the Dojo decks! The pair have made quite a name for themselves on the scene over the past three years; catapulted to fame by a winning entry in Evol Intent’s Middle of the Night remix contest, they’ve followed that early success with releases for CIA, ProgRAM, SGN:LTD and Cyberfunk, not to mention collaborations with Nymfo, Coppa and Riya – an impressive accolade sheet indeed!

For their Dojo mix they’ve dug deep on rolling, techy selections from the likes of Enei, Subtension, Monty and Black Barrel, and of course some exclusive dubplate fire! Wicked stuff. As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: Mark Kloud – Coplanar

Long running US underground imprint Translation return with the third volume of their Bassment Beats EP series this month and we’ve got the first look at Mark Kloud’s contribution, Coplanar. As you’d expect from both the artist and the label, this one is a deep, experimental cut, building atmosphere on the intro with soft percussion and expansive synths before dropping into razor edged halftime drums that progress into a plethora of intricate percussion fills with a dubby edge. Look for this alongside new tracks from Fuj, Akinsa, Rogue State and Broken Promise; Bassment Beats Vol. 3 drops April 14th.

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Premiere: Philth & Wreckless – Unstable

Philth teams up with semi-regular collaborator Wreckless on today’s premiere. Part of the first in a series of collab EPs for Peer Pressure entitled Synapses, the duo serve up a characteristically crisp and techy roller with some super satisfying drum fills and an incredible classical intro; maximum atmosphere. Hit up the Peer Pressure Bandcamp page to grab this one right now – the EP is out today!

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Screamarts – Hold Me Close [Subplate]

Ever since we first came across Screamarts via his releases for Fragmented Recordings, we’ve kept a close eye on the Austrian producer as a purveyor of high quality sound design, and more importantly a man capable of injecting that much needed funk into the modern neuro sound.

His latest work for Subplate Recordings delivers a pair of wicked new tracks that tread that line perfectly; A side Hold Me Close blends a soulful vocal and soft melodies against dark bass textures and heavy drum hits for a great balance of the dark and the light. Flipside The Pull moves in a similar direction, with growling bass modulations and compressed snare hits contrasting with ethereal pad sounds. That combination of bassweight with restraint and melody makes for a potent sonic combination, equally relevant to the club or the listening room at home. Check out the tracks below and hit up your favourite store to grab the single right now!

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HLZ – Vectors EP [Dispatch]

HLZ drops a new EP on Dispatch this month and it features some of the best sharp-edged rollers we’ve heard so far this year. The tracks here are all about bringing the funk back into D&B while retaining some darkness, and it definitely draws on some classic inspirations while retaining a modern tone.

Title track Vectors channels the golden era of early 2000s neurofunk with a fast moving bassline – think early Full Force releases from the likes of Chook with the production standards of 2018. Abracatabla meanwhile immediately recalls classic Special Forces tunes like Sidewinder with it’s driving use of staccato hits that form both melody and rhythm. Clusters meanwhile sounds like a love letter to classic V Recordings sub-rollers, and digital bonus Black Lodge brings to mind the classic Virus Recordings sound with it’s clattering drums and bass modulations.

Don’t let the influences dissuade you though; this is definitely homage rather than pastiche, and it’s all filtered skilfully through HLZ’s inimitable style to make something individual, with one eye on the past and the other on the future. The Vectors EP is out now – hit up the Dispatch Bandcamp to grab it now on vinyl or digital direct from the source.

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DNB Dojo Podcast #17 – Mar 2018

You all know the score by now…Hex is back with the monthly DNB Dojo podcast, this month featuring beats from Coppa, Hyroglifics, Whiney, Fade, Low:r and many more, and exclusive dubs from Øska and Just Jungle. Full spectrum D&B sound…get to know.

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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