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Fybe:one – New Soul Music [Diffrent]

Fybe:one is a producer we’ve had half an eye on for a few years here at Dojo HQ; while his usual explorations tend towards lower tempos, he is nonetheless one of the most interesting musicians in the electronic sphere. Having contributed some downtempo reverberations for Diffrent’s Evolution of the Giraffe LP back in 2013, Dexta’s London imprint was the clear avenue for a move into the 160+ tempo range and the results are top notch.

Fans of the likes of Frederic Robinson and Machinedrum will find plenty to enjoy here; there’s a playfulness and an old school sampling methodology at work with plenty of influence from more “conventional” D&B, but without the music becoming trapped in the confines of the more traditional genre hallmarks. Jazzy synth hits, rapid-fire percussion and unusual rhythms are the order of the day here, and there are some tasty collaborations to boot as Sense MC steps up for vocal duties and the ever talented Hyroglifics comes in to push some buttons on With You.

As you’d expect if you’ve kept an eye on Diffrent, this EP embodies the label’s ethos by doing its best not to sound like anything else out there, and while it might not quite be revolutionary it’s certainly off the beaten track. Combine that with a loving craft and that mix of club-heft and armchair sensibility and you’re onto another winning release from our favourite London giraffe-enthusiasts. Check out the preview mix below and hit up the label Bandcamp page to cop the EP now.

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Premiere: Kolectiv & MEDIKA – Underground

Diffrent’s latest sees a clash of underground heads as production trio Kolectiv team up with Bristol experimentalist MEDIKA for a seriously weighty slice of dark D&B. Echoes of hip-hop punctuate the heavyweight beats and bass on this system-shaking halftime beast. Badman sound! Check it out below and look for the release dropping October 6th via the Diffrent Bandcamp.

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Top 5: Dexta

To celebrate the impending release of another tidy single for Silent Dust’s None60 imprint, we asked Diffrent bossman Dexta to give us the 4-1-1 on his current record box. In his own words, five essential beats…

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Sense MC – The Elephant In The Room [Diffrent Music]

When it comes to D&B MCs, you can count those worth hearing outside the rave on one hand (and even those worth hearing inside the rave on a few hands more…). The jump from host in the club to the true lyricism required to spit bars on record isn’t one that all wannabe microphone fiends have the talent for, but thankfully Sense has more than proven himself worthy of the task.

Many years in the making, The Elephant In The Room sees the self-described “illegitimate offspring of a scouse and a cockney” land on Diffrent Music accompanied by some of the best producers in the scene, with a plethora of material spanning D&B and hip-hop, dark and light, hype and chill. There are plenty of highlights in the uptempo region, from the coy and playful rhymes of Lynx-produced Disconnected to the aggy lyrical duel of After Dark, where Sense is joined by longtime friend and equally talented MC Codebreaker.

The lower tempo beats tend towards beauty and introspection, such as album opener Love Is… which muses on romance against an eclectic beat from Frank & Furter that brings to mind Frederick Robinson’s work. Two Planets brings in jazzy influences and rhymes on an intergalactic tip, while Just A Ride closes the album with thoughts on the meaning of life.

Descriptions struggle to do the work here justice; the important point is that The Elephant In The Room is a polished selection of songs with depth beyond the usual hype-man lyricism or catchy verses found on MC-led tracks. We’ve no doubt this is only gonna get better on repeat listens too. Check out some of the tracks below and hit up the Diffrent Store to grab a copy on digital, CD or vinyl…as they’ve been telling us for weeks, #BuyTheAlbum.

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Premiere: Sense MC – State Of The Art

Safe to say we’re more than a little excited for this one…we’re proud to present an exclusive from one of the finest MCs in the game, back from almost retirement last year and dropping his debut album for Diffrent Music!

State Of The Art sees Sense’s distinctive rhymes set to a dark and brooding beat courtesy of Coma and the resulting blend of dark D&B and hip-hop swagger is a potent mixture! Watch out for the album The Elephant In The Room dropping from Feb 14th via the Diffrent Store.

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Top 5: Still

Russian producer Still has really impressed us with his latest EP for Diffrent Music; weird and wonderful soundscapes, crazy sound effects and hints of techno play into a truly innovative selection of electronica on the fringes of the D&B sound. We caught up and asked the man for his Top 5 influences; check it out for a walk on the weirder side of the sonic spectrum.

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Premiere: Greazus – Braise

Vancouver’s finest bass experimenters touch down on Dexta’s influential Diffrent Music with a fresh EP and we’ve got the exclusive on deep sub rumbler Braise! Sparse riddims, spooky textures and tons of low end flavour; yes please. Look out for this dropping at all good digital outlets on the Greazus <3 U EP from Sep 28th, with an exclusive CD edition available to pre-order from Bandcamp right now.

Facebook → www.facebook.com/greazus
SoundCloud → @greazus
Twitter → www.twitter.com/greazus

Diffrent Music:
Facebook → www.facebook.com/Diffrentmusic
SoundCloud → @Diffrent
Twitter → www.twitter.com/Diffrentmusic

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Dexta – SE4 EP [Diffrent Music]

Diffrent label boss Dexta is back with a six track EP of his unusual riddims and once again those that like their bassweight a bit less formulaic and bit more wonky are in for a treat.

Kicking off with the constantly lurching swing of the positively undanceable Flaming0 before moving into the deeper and steadier riddims of Secondlife and atmospheric Coma collab Dissolute, there’s plenty of variation to be found here.

Amping things up a bit for a more dancefloor worthy flex, title track SE4 (The Ends) hits heavy with an angular selection of heavy kicks and jungle snares set to an absolutely throbbing bassline; this one is sure to provoke some screwfaces in the rave! Last but not least there are a couple of CD only flavours in the form of hyper-active 170 garage flex Cheater and the stalking, grime influenced vibes of Slew Dub. Wicked stuff.

As usual the EP is available at the Diffrent Bandcamp, but move fast if you want a copy on CD, only four copies left at the time of writing!

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Mtwn – Embers EP [Diffrent Music]

Belgian duo Mtwn return to Diffrent Music with a fantastic new release featuring top class production and some really interesting ideas. Embers kicks the EP off with a cracking progression from deep, sombre half-step with a cheeky riff that sounds like a 90s hardcore line run through the washing machine a few times, before morphing into a frenzy of break chopping that brought an instant smile to this reviewer’s face!

The Diffrent family get involved on the oddly titled Tales of a Tonka Truck Driver, with Arkaik, Dexta and Mauoq all lending their studio chops to an angular and moody slice of halftime D&B driven along by super tight percussion. Spinal Groove sees Mtwn continuing that theme, contrasting darker bass and drum elements against soft, ethereal pad sounds to great effect. Last up, Four brings a sparse but effective groove that should get more than a few heads nodding along at the speakers.

The release is out right now via the Diffrent Bandcamp so check the clips below and go grab it!

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 22: Mauoq


Our latest exclusive mix comes from Italian producer Mauoq! With releases on Diffrent Music, Terabyte, Absys, Dispatch Ltd, Nurtured Beatz and his own Mauoq Music imprint, Mauoq has been blazing a trail across the deep, dark spectrum of D&B for some time. He’s put together a quality selection for our latest mix including tracks from his brand new Fabricate EP and dubs from Survey, Last Life, Facing Jynx and more. Yes yes!

As usual you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Mixcloud, Hearthis.at or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

Mauoq – Your Own [Mauoq]
Survey – Light Source [Flexout dub]
Last Life – Poisoned [Cylon dub]
Natt – Without Purpose [Clear Conception]
Jaydrop – Underlay [31]
CJ Weaver – Scrolls [Translation]
Tns & Dr Roman – Dancehall Ram (Deleted Soul Remix) [Elastica]
Quadrant, Kid Hops, Iris & Reise – Pleiades [Commercial Suicide]
Mauoq – Fabricate [Mauoq]
J Kenzo – Airwalk [31]
Dbr Uk – Hexton (feat. Skeptical) [Dispatch]
Mauoq – Voids [Mauoq]
Facing Jinx – Never Too Late [dub]
Seba – Jungle Music [Secret Operations]
Metro – Scrap Metal Man [dub]
Lurch – Long Road Back [Flexout]
Bokeh x Lowquid – Jelly Tip [Sweetbox dub]
Mtwn – Embers [Diffrent]
Mauoq – Escalate [Mauoq]

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