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Premiere: Bereneces – Nommo

Delta9 Recordings continue their new run of deeper releases via the DLT9 imprint with a stomping new EP from Peterborough producer Bereneces, and we’ve got a premiere from the EP for you today! Nommo lands hard with a rumbling sub line and tough amens layered over a backbone of halftime drums and echoing tribal sounds. Sick one! Look for this coming Dec 11th at the usual digital outlets…

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Premiere: No_Name – Behind Enemy Lines

Delta9 continue their run of DLT9 sublabel releases with a pair of deep, dark numbers from Berlin’s No_Name, and we’re hyped to have the exclusive on Behind Enemy Lines. Combining a driving halftime backbone with a plethora of creepy pads, robotic FX, bass growls and percussion fills, this one lives up to it’s name by conjuring a sense of stealth and an utterly threatening vibe. Look out for the single coming Oct 16th at all the usual outlets…

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