Top 5: Pablo Dread

Spanish artist Pablo Dread joins the ranks of Beat Machine early next month with an EP packed full of raved up, jungle influenced beats, blending future sounds with retro heritage to great effect. To celebrate we asked him for a quick Top 5 of tunes he’s feeling right now; check it out…

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Fracture – Hype Tracks EP [Exit]

After the success of his much lauded Loving Touch EP Fracture returns to Exit with another top selection of raved up riddims which showcase his knack for melding dancefloor chops with intriguing stylistic experiments and varied the results are too.

Makin’ Hype Tracks kicks things off with another ravey smasher in the vein of Fracture’s excellent remix of DJ Monita’s Luv Ta Luv Ya, blending footwork influences with crisp jungle breaks and a tint of the old school. This one will absolutely be doing the damage in the clubs! Black Pearl immediately flips the script, keeping the crunchy jungle-style breaks but setting them to a more liquid-y set of pads and vocal cuts for a blend of the frantic and the serene.

The appropriately titled Acid Claps sees Teklife footwork originators Taso & Spinn on board for a track that lives up to it’s name with squelchy acid lines and tons of 808 clap action. Wonky business! Last up, I Just brings things full circle with another blend of breakneck syncopations and bassweight.

Personally I can’t get enough of Fracture’s work and that of similar producers like Moresounds and Fixate; this blend of the old and the new is absolutely infectious, and long may it last! Check out the clips below and hit up the Exit Store right now to grab a copy on vinyl or digital. Hype Hype!

DJ Monita – Luv Ta Luv Ya (Fracture VIP) [Astrophonica]

Astrophonica’s latest sees Fracture going in on a huge VIP of DJ Monita’s rave classic Luv Ta Luv Ya. If you enjoyed Loving Touch this should be right up your street; it’s a joyously chaotic chopped up jungle bouncer, and no mistake! Hit up the Astrophonica bandcamp to grab this on 10″ vinyl and digital right now.

Moresounds – Pure Niceness EP [Astrophonica]

Moresounds returns to Fracture’s Astrophonica imprint with a new EP featuring more of his crossover footwork/jungle sound. Pillaging the classic breaks and ragga vocal samples from 90s jungle but reworking them to an entirely different set of rhythmic syncopations, the tracks here have at once an air of old school nostalgia and an up to the minute freshness.

Picks of the bunch for us here at the Dojo are the chopped up, dubbed out skank-up of Pure Niceness and the crusty breaks, jungle vox and classic pads of Fracture collab Dead & Bury. Check out the clips below and head to the Astrophonica store to grab this on vinyl or digital now!

Fracture x Chimpo – From Early / Hard Food [Metalheadz]

Leftfield D&B innovators Fracture & Chimpo land on the mighty ‘headz imprint with a fresh new 12″ showcasing their unusual take on the 170 sound. From Early taps into the swaggering half-time sound with more than a hint of LA bass, but for us at the Dojo it’s all about the old school stylings and fantastic drum work of Hard Food. Check out the clips below and head to the Metalheadz store to pre-order a copy now, with full release due from March 16th.

Top Tracks of 2014

Following our run down of our favourite albums of the year, we felt it was only right to put the spotlight on our top tracks. These are the ten tunes that haven’t left our record box since their release…

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Fracture – Loving Touch EP [Exit Records]

The ever enjoyable beats of Charlie Fracture touch down on dBridge’s Exit Records imprint, continuing his leftfield explorations of the 170 sound. Title track Loving Touch (which absolutely went off when I heard dBridge drop it at Glastonbury last weekend) blends old school D&B bass, footwork drum patterns and the irresistible vocal hook from a Chicago house classic. Apparently it was conceived in a dream; we’re not sure if that’s entirely true, but it’s a cracking track and no mistake.

Elsewhere on the EP we’re treated to a stripped-back drum workout on Werk It, twisted, bouncing dub vibrations with more than a hint of jungle on Overload and cheeky Sam Binga collab which keeps the syncopations rapid and the subs massive to close out the EP. As usual Exit are the ones to watch when it comes to pushing the envelope; check out the beats below and grab this one on vinyl or digital now.