Dream Thief 4 LP [Horizons]

Horizons gear up to launch the 4th in their varied Dream Thief LP series, featuring a selection of cuts from the extended label family crossing the styles of drum & bass. Highlights include Amoss’ excellent MC led stepper Bleed It, DLR’s melodic yet techy Trading Places and the percussive intricacies of The Shield from Gremlinz & Rumbleton.

Elsewhere on Detail delivers possibly the most innovative track in the collection with his sublimely creepy Human Trust; glitchy percussion, deft sub throbs and some fantastic atmospherics combine to create a brilliant slice of leftfield 170. Finally for those who like a bit of deep liquid there are some nicely polished cuts from Eveson, Naibu and Nitri.

Vinyl lovers will find the LP available as a 4 track sampler and a further 8 track LP collection, while the digital buyers amongst you will be able to grab the files from all the usual sources. Check out a selection of the tracks below and head to the Horizons Store for previews of the rest and to buy your copy!

DJ Marky & Invaderz – After Midnight / Break The Spell [Commercial Suicide]

Marky & Invaderz step up to the plate with a pair of liquid rollers imbued with the sambass essence that made Marky’s name. Equal parts groove & funk, After Midnight serves up a silky smooth liquid beat embossed with understated synth work and tasty filter sweeps.

Over on the flip Break The Spell heads for more euphoric territory with an irresistible hook and a tougher break that’s sure to get the party moving. Make no mistake, this is the sound of your summer on Commercial Suicide, and one I fully expect to hear on the beaches at Sun & Bass this year!

Watch out for these two dropping August 19th on vinyl and digital.

Klute – Best Bits Not Over [Commercial Suicide]

Klute warms up for the impending release of his seventh full length with a cheeky sampler featuring a couple of seriously heavyweight rollers. On The A side Klute delivers an old school reese-led dancefloor beast, hopped up on hard snares and baying for blood. This one will be wrecking the floors at Sun & Bass this year methinks!

Over on the flip Invaderz give the VIP treatment to Take A Breath, giving the classic (and out of print) amen smasher a nice polish for 2013. Watch out for both of these dropping on vinyl and digital June 24th.