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Koronis – Weave

In case you weren’t aware Mar 28th is Piano Day (the 88th day of the year for the 88 keys on a full size piano) so we figured we’d take a break from the usual coverage to celebrate one of the oldest and best musical instruments around.

Experimental composer and multimedia artist Koronis has put together a beautiful minimalist piece entitled Weave for the occasion and crafted a unique animation to go with the piece; we think you’ll agree they’re both soft, understated and generally awesome. Check it out below and go find yourself a piano to play with!


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Koronis – The Replicant LP


Kiwi producer and sound-design artist Koronis isn’t a name I’ve come across before, but it’s certainly one I’ll be keeping an eye on in future based on the strength of his latest LP project The Replicant. Bringing together creepy atmospherics more common to dark ambient and crisp techstep minimalism, the resulting tracks have a bleakness and intrigue which draws the listener in impressively.

The LP’s first half focuses on more conventional drum & bass patterns, and while not unduly dancefloor focussed features three tracks which wouldn’t feel out of place in a “room 2” set from the likes of Amoss or Cern. Tough amens, intricate drum patterns and a gloomy vibe pervades the material here nicely.

The second half takes things far more abstract, dropping the beats almost entirely to focus on sound design and texture, with powerful ambience and use of atonal melodies taking the tone to a deeper and almost spiritual place. Koronis is tapping into the cross section between dark D&B and dark ambient for a truly unique experience here, not least on the haunting tones of Kara, the LP’s final track.

For those who enjoy exploring the less than beaten paths at the fringes of drum & bass, I can’t recommend this record enough. Check out the video mix below for a flavour of the material and watch out for the LP dropping later this year on vinyl and digital.


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