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Premiere: Typecell – Values

Subplate boss Typecell drops a groove-laden deep tech roller on the label’s latest release; plumbing some subsonic depths on this one! Watch out for this coming June 10th at all the usual digital outlets.

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Premiere: Typecell – Complex

German imprint Subplate are back with another deep, dark release and this time it’s label boss Typecell at the controls for the appropriately titled Complex. Drawing on the fine traditions of sci-fi imbued techstep, this one is all about the groove; tight drums, weird effects, and atmosphere up to eleven. Watch out for the release dropping Dec 1st at all good digital stores…

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Premiere: Black Opps – MechWarriors

Long time Dojo favourites Nurtured Beatz are back in the Dojo spotlight for today’s exclusive as we present the premiere of Black Opps – MechWarriors! Evoking the spirit of classic early 00s tech, this one is dark, rolling and sci-fi tinged. Ominous business to murk up the dance! Look for this dropping on the Kill The Oppressor EP from April 14th.

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Classic Track: Rawthang – Scorned

We’re digging in the BSE Recordings vaults again for today’s classic track selection, Rawthang’s 2003 neuro epic Scorned. Featuring the haunting vocal talents of Kari Rueslatten and an utterly infectious trancey lead line set to some pretty menacing breaks and a bit chunky reese bassline, this is golden-era sci-fi neurofunk at it’s best.

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Xanadu – Through The Oort Clouds [Dom & Roland Productions]

Being the only producer besides Dom himself with a release on Dom & Roland Productions is more than a small honour for a young producer at the start of their career. There’s a reason for that badge of honour; Through The Oort Clouds is a pretty special album. The 12 tracks represent Xanadu’s musical explorations over the past two years, taking the listener on a journey designed to parallel the Voyager’s exploration beyond our solar system.

The results certainly have a spacey, sci-fi inspired quality, and in many ways feel like a love letter to the earliest and most formative days of mid 90s D&B, where every record was an exciting exploration of what could be done with the sound rather than a formulaic dancefloor smasher. The thing that really stands the LP apart from the pack is the drums; intricate, detailed and punchy, but steering clear of the over compressed kicks and snares that dominate much of modern club music.

Innovative and listenable though the album is, it’s not all cinematic chin-stroking by any stretch. Tracks like Ventricle and Photon are more than equipped for dancefloor damage, and have doubtless been through a few mixdown tweaks following club tests from Dom himself. Early in the year though we are, this could well be the best techstep record of 2015; it’s certainly an essential purchase either way. Check out the clips below and look for this on vinyl and digital from Jan 26th.

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Superior Selectionz – Cold Heart EP [Lockdown Recordings]

Superior Selectionz latest release for Lockdown Recordings sounds like a love letter to the sounds of Techstep a decade ago; the influence of early Ed Rush & Optical and Photek records can be heard in the darkness and groove of the compositions on show here, but updated with the modern production tricks of 2014 to great effect.

The titular Cold Heart is all about the punchy, memorable bass hook and crisp breakbeats, while Eyes Open oozes atmosphere from the pads and backs it up with a simple but effective set of bassline modulations. Backlash takes things back to the old school with a classic rave-stab riff and Mercury rounds off the EP with a deep, subby roller. All four tracks show an emphasis on groove over hyperactive detailing, setting them against the mould of some modern techstep D&B.

Check out the clips below and look out for the tracks dropping from May 26th.

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Mastif – Enter The Dark Rift EP [Mindtech]

Hungarian up-and-comer Mastif delivers four slices of dark, deadly neurofunk for Mindtech Recordings. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Jade and Mindscape, there’s no messing around on this EP; from the first track it’s straight into heavy, rolling breaks and warped neuro basslines with heavy sub underpinnings. The classic sci-fi vibes present on so many dark drum & bass releases ring through here too, but that’s not to dismiss this as identikit beats; this EP comes from a producer who’s at the top of his game, and it shows in the tightness of production and attention to detail present throughout.

Check out the tracks below and grab the release from your favourite digital outlet, out now!

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