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DNB Dojo Mix Series 71: aardonyx

UK production and DJ duo aardonyx step up with our latest exclusive guest mix! Featuring a mixture of new and old, techy and melodic, and of course a selection of their own beats from their releases on Nu Venture, Detached Audio and Atmomatix, this is pure rolling drum & bass at it’s finest. Wicked selections!

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Premiere: K2T – Depths

Scottish label Detached Audio are back with the latest in their steady stream of strong releases and this time it’s label co-runner K2T at the helm. Depths sees him exploring his softer side, with mellow pads and beautiful chiming melodies layered over satisfyingly intricate percussion and warm sub bass. Lovely stuff; watch out for this coming on the Starscape EP which drops Feb 16th.

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Premiere: Petroll – Inside Out (feat. Cluda)

Today’s exclusive comes via a brand new label from the Netherlands, Differential Records. Focusing on the deep and soulful side of D&B, their first EP features four top notch liquid cuts from a host of upcoming producers, the best of which in our humble opinion comes from Groningen’s Petroll! Inside Out checks all the liquid boxes, with floaty pads, crisp drums, soft vocals and warm bass modulations all blended together in the mix. Mellow and evocative; yes yes. Look for the EP dropping Feb 1st at all good stores.

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Premiere: Horton & Telomic – Ingrained

Terra Firma are back with Vol. 2 of their VA EP series and naturally we had to grab an exclusive! Horton & Telomic team up on the buttons for this one; smooth, understated vibes on a slick liquid roller that’ll keep you coming back for more. Yes yes; look for the EP at all good stores from today!

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Premiere: Fearbace – Divide

Bay 6 return this month with a selection of typically smooth liquid rollers from Fearbace and we’re very pleased to have the exclusive on Divide! Crispy breaks, soft vocals and uplifting atmospherics make for a fantastic slice of melodic D&B goodness. Check it out below and look for the release dropping Jan 19th.

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Premiere: Akomplis & Objectiv – Into You

Today’s premiere comes from our pals at Fragmented, easing their foot off the gas a little for the B side on their latest release from Akomplis & Objectiv. Tight breaks, soft pads and a haunting vocal make for a lush slice of deep, understated liquid. Look for this one dropping August 11th.

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Premiere: Nuage – Shining (The Levels Remix)

We’ve got something a little different for your ears today as we present the premiere of The Levels stunning new remix of Nuage – Shining. For anyone not familiar with The Levels, it’s the collaborative project of Loxy, Resound and Alia Fresco, and their take Nuage’s original blends pop, R&B and years of D&B experience for a shimmering and understated rework with tons of soul.

Watch out for this dropping from August 5th alongisde remixes from Blu Mar Ten, Bop and Nuage on Translation Recordings, vinyl and digital.

The Levels:
Facebook → www.facebook.com/thelevelsmusic
SoundCloud → @thelevelsmusic
Twitter → twitter.com/thelevelsmsc

Translation Recordings:
Facebook → www.facebook.com/translationrecordings
SoundCloud → @translationrecordings
Twitter → twitter.com/translationrecs

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Premiere: XCUZMe – Cotton

We’re incredibly proud to have the exclusive premiere of XCUZMe’s superb new liquid roller Cotton! Forthcoming on Bay 6 Recordings this is is soft, soulful, melodic D&B at it’s finest, with beautiful guitar licks and crispy breaks flowing along throughout. Look out for this and four other fantastic tracks on The Heart Of It All EP dropping from 29th July.

Follow XCUZME:
SC: @welovexcuzme
FB: www.facebook.com/pages/XCUZMe/1031400410237420
Twitter: twitter.com/welovexcuzme

Follow Bay 6 Recordings:
SC: @bay6recordings
FB: www.facebook.com/bay6recordings
Twitter: twitter.com/bay6recordings

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Total Science – Notes of Blue EP [Metalheadz]

Metalheadz have been on quite a roll for the last couple of years; after arguably a little bit of a lull their recent release schedule has seen a stream of quality releases that even other labels of similar heritage have struggled to match. Their latest offering from Total Science continues that recent trend, bringing five tracks of crisp, forward thinking D&B to the table in typical ‘headz style.

Opener Notes of Blue is undoubtedly a nod to the legendary Blue Note sessions from the late 90s that proved such a formative time for so many notable D&B producers.  Eerie sound designs and the merest hints of jazz combine with deep dubby sub and beautifully processed breaks for a track that is at once playful and thoughtful.

That trend for “thinking man’s” D&B continues throughout the EP,  with one foot rooted firmly on the dance floor while the other meanders off into less genre bound territory. From the soft vocal manipulations of Soul For Sale through the tough jungle breaks and dubbed out echoes of Contraband, the EP works well both as a DJ tool and a selection of tracks for the listener alike.

Digital bonus tracks All Massive and Man Down round the selection out with two odes to the classic era of 90s D&B referenced in the EP’s title; the old school samples and the style of break manipulation still sound fresh today, and those polished modern mixdowns give them some serious punch.

We were pretty sure that Metalheadz and Total Science would prove to be a winning combination but this EP outstripped our already high expectations admirably. Check out the clips below and hit up the ‘headz store to grab a copy now.

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Alix Perez – Recall & Reflect EP [Exit Records]

Alix Perez’s output has taken on many forms over the years, spanning rolling liquid and hard edged techstep in the early days, through the varied styles of his second LP and on to the more hip-hop and footwork infused beats he’s been producing recently.

His latest release for Exit takes a sharp u-turn from previous material and heads back to the smooth liquid rollers he first made his name with, and while there’s nothing like the innovation found on last year’s U EP the tracks offer depth, warmth and seem to look back fondly on past exploits; even the title Recall & Reflect seems to imply a producer taking a trip down memory lane.

As you’d expect from a producer with the wealth of experience that Perez has built up, the tracks are precision engineered, with those all important liquid breaks sounding crisp, fresh and funky and the mixes as smooth as butter. Sometimes warmth and depth of feeling can be just as important as pushing the envelope, and that’s never been truer here. Check out the clips below and hit up the Exit Store or Bandcamp to pre-order the EP now ahead of the September 18th release date.

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