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Premiere: Akomplis & Objectiv – Into You

Today’s premiere comes from our pals at Fragmented, easing their foot off the gas a little for the B side on their latest release from Akomplis & Objectiv. Tight breaks, soft pads and a haunting vocal make for a lush slice of deep, understated liquid. Look for this one dropping August 11th.

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Premiere: Nuage – Shining (The Levels Remix)

We’ve got something a little different for your ears today as we present the premiere of The Levels stunning new remix of Nuage – Shining. For anyone not familiar with The Levels, it’s the collaborative project of Loxy, Resound and Alia Fresco, and their take Nuage’s original blends pop, R&B and years of D&B experience for a shimmering and understated rework with tons of soul.

Watch out for this dropping from August 5th alongisde remixes from Blu Mar Ten, Bop and Nuage on Translation Recordings, vinyl and digital.

The Levels:
Facebook → www.facebook.com/thelevelsmusic
SoundCloud → @thelevelsmusic
Twitter → twitter.com/thelevelsmsc

Translation Recordings:
Facebook → www.facebook.com/translationrecordings
SoundCloud → @translationrecordings
Twitter → twitter.com/translationrecs

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Premiere: XCUZMe – Cotton

We’re incredibly proud to have the exclusive premiere of XCUZMe’s superb new liquid roller Cotton! Forthcoming on Bay 6 Recordings this is is soft, soulful, melodic D&B at it’s finest, with beautiful guitar licks and crispy breaks flowing along throughout. Look out for this and four other fantastic tracks on The Heart Of It All EP dropping from 29th July.

Follow XCUZME:
SC: @welovexcuzme
FB: www.facebook.com/pages/XCUZMe/1031400410237420
Twitter: twitter.com/welovexcuzme

Follow Bay 6 Recordings:
SC: @bay6recordings
FB: www.facebook.com/bay6recordings
Twitter: twitter.com/bay6recordings

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Total Science – Notes of Blue EP [Metalheadz]

Metalheadz have been on quite a roll for the last couple of years; after arguably a little bit of a lull their recent release schedule has seen a stream of quality releases that even other labels of similar heritage have struggled to match. Their latest offering from Total Science continues that recent trend, bringing five tracks of crisp, forward thinking D&B to the table in typical ‘headz style.

Opener Notes of Blue is undoubtedly a nod to the legendary Blue Note sessions from the late 90s that proved such a formative time for so many notable D&B producers.  Eerie sound designs and the merest hints of jazz combine with deep dubby sub and beautifully processed breaks for a track that is at once playful and thoughtful.

That trend for “thinking man’s” D&B continues throughout the EP,  with one foot rooted firmly on the dance floor while the other meanders off into less genre bound territory. From the soft vocal manipulations of Soul For Sale through the tough jungle breaks and dubbed out echoes of Contraband, the EP works well both as a DJ tool and a selection of tracks for the listener alike.

Digital bonus tracks All Massive and Man Down round the selection out with two odes to the classic era of 90s D&B referenced in the EP’s title; the old school samples and the style of break manipulation still sound fresh today, and those polished modern mixdowns give them some serious punch.

We were pretty sure that Metalheadz and Total Science would prove to be a winning combination but this EP outstripped our already high expectations admirably. Check out the clips below and hit up the ‘headz store to grab a copy now.

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Alix Perez – Recall & Reflect EP [Exit Records]

Alix Perez’s output has taken on many forms over the years, spanning rolling liquid and hard edged techstep in the early days, through the varied styles of his second LP and on to the more hip-hop and footwork infused beats he’s been producing recently.

His latest release for Exit takes a sharp u-turn from previous material and heads back to the smooth liquid rollers he first made his name with, and while there’s nothing like the innovation found on last year’s U EP the tracks offer depth, warmth and seem to look back fondly on past exploits; even the title Recall & Reflect seems to imply a producer taking a trip down memory lane.

As you’d expect from a producer with the wealth of experience that Perez has built up, the tracks are precision engineered, with those all important liquid breaks sounding crisp, fresh and funky and the mixes as smooth as butter. Sometimes warmth and depth of feeling can be just as important as pushing the envelope, and that’s never been truer here. Check out the clips below and hit up the Exit Store or Bandcamp to pre-order the EP now ahead of the September 18th release date.

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Modern Soul LP [Vandal Ltd]

Vandal’s deeper-focussed LTD imprint are back with a fresh new compilation entitled Modern Soul, and for our money it’s the best summer liquid collection you can spend your hard earned pennies on right now.

The roster features heavyweights like Random Movement, Redeyes and Kabuki alongside rising producers such as Chromatic and a few relative unknowns, but the quality and diversity on show is unarguable regardless of each contributor’s pedigree. DJ Chap & Andrezz are among the crop of new producers turning in shimmering rollers, as are Soulvent co-owners and recent Hospital signings Pola & Bryson.

While picking favourites is tough, there are a few tracks that stood out for us here at the Dojo. Kabuki bucks the melodic trend with a dark yet jazzy flex on Black Byrd, while Random Movement turns in an effortlessly sleek and faintly sleezy roller named Cash Or Credit. Regular grime-slingers Kolectiv are also on hand with a sexy melody and some R&B style vocals, though their usual dutty basslines still make an appearance.

Essential business as usual from the Vandal camp; check out the clips below and look for this dropping at all good digital stores from July 27th.

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Q&A – Orthodox

The latest release on Red Bar Records comes from aspiring Oxford-based producer Orthodox, who delivers his debut EP with a blend of soulful hip-hop instrumentals and smooth liquid D&B. We hit him up to found out a bit more about the release, his production approach and his plans for the future.

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Andy Sim – Liquidambar [Think Deep]

Liquid heads should already be familiar with Sydney’s Andy Sim; with releases for the likes of Good Looking, Fokuz, Rubik and of course his own Think Deep imprint he’s been a strong name (in an admittedly crowded niche) for the last eight years.

2015 sees him finally releasing the LP that he’s been working on for the last five years, and while it’s not stylistically groundbreaking it is an honest and heartfelt collection of tracks which are well worthy of your attention. The body of work bears the hallmarks of a labour of love – these tracks weren’t knocked up in a month and thrown together hastily, but rather have been tweaked and tinkered to perfection, if such a thing is musically possible.

Highlights come on the sparse, dubby Innerspace, the soft, jazzy licks of the LaMeduza-vocalled In Front Of You and the shimmering notes of Fantastic, but picking favourites is difficult. Listen to the clips below and make up your own mind; this one drops at all good digital retailers from June 22nd, and you can grab it on CD directly from Think Deep.

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M-soul, S27 & Mombosh – We Count These Moments [Flexout Audio]

The latest from Flexout sees a veritable horde of artists collaborating on two deep D&B rollers which strike a lovely balance between soul and edge. The vocal talents of Anna Rune grace the absolutely blissful We Count These Moments while Shanna provides subtler vocal contributions to the altogether techier As I’m Drifting. The clips should speak for themselves on these ones; hit up your favourite digital store to get your mits on these ones right now.

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Redeyes – Memory Lane EP Pt 1 [Vandal Ltd]

If you like your D&B on the soulful side then you’ll enjoy this one; Redeyes returns to Vandal’s Ltd imprint with four new rhythms exploring his influences from soul & hip-hop. Old school loop sampling definitely seems to play into the sound, such as on the prominent piano of Memory Lane, and the whole EP carries a pretty lush tone.

Aside from the title track the highlight is undoubtedly the shuffling, mournful Underneath, dropping the classic liquid breaks in favour of a more experimental rhythm and a great selection of sounds and atmospheres. There’s also a cheeky ’99 hip-hop mix of Psychonauts for good measure which should have your head nodding. Check out the clips below and grab this one right now from your favourite store.

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