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DNB Dojo Podcast #12 – Oct 2017

Celebrating a full year of monthly mixes, Hex is back with the 12th episode of the DNB Dojo Podcast! This bumper edition of the series weighs in at nearly two hours, packed full of music from Treega, Cyantific & BMotion, Anodyne Industries, Friske, Thomas B, Conduct and many more. As if all of that isn’t enough there are also exclusive dubs inside from Sedo and Just Jungle (aka Genotype). Play it loud and get a taste of the full range of the D&B sound!

You know the score by now; check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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DNB Dojo Podcast #10 – Aug 2017

Another month has rolled by so blog owner Hex is back on the platters that matter with a fresh mix of all the latest D&B. This mix includes cuts from Brain Crisis & Kije, Kit Curse, Frederic Robinson, 1991, Lockjaw and many more with beats spanning liquid, techstep, halftime, 160 jungle and much much more. There are also cuts from Nurtured Beatz Grenfell LP, the proceeds of which will go to survivors of the Grenfell Tower disaster in London, so please do head over to their Bandcamp store to pick that up and benefit a really vital cause.

As usual you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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DNB Dojo Podcast #9 – Jul 2017

Hex is back once again with a selection of this month’s best D&B including fresh beats from Impish, Delta, HØST, Frame, Survival and many more. Check it!

As usual you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to the iTunes Store. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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As part of the crop of talented young producers pushing a superbly wonky take on the D&B sound, HØST has been impressing us for some time with his releases for the likes of Vandal LTD and Sweetbox. With a new release dropping on Terabyte this month, we grabbed the man for a quick chat about production gear, collabs and run in with the police. Check it out…

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DNB Dojo Podcast #8 – Jun 2017

Sneaking into the end of June and Dojo boss Hex is back with another podcast featuring 80 minutes of fresh beats across all the styles of drum ‘n’ bass. New tracks from Disprove, Sentic Cycle, Law & Wheeler, SubMarine, Fortitude and many more inside the ride…

As usual you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Kursa & Seppa – SLG001 [Slug Wife]

Slug Wife is a burgeoning record label out of the UK focusing mainly on strange, experimental halftime beats, and who have recently signed producers Kursa and Seppa to do a series of EPs, beginning with SLG001. This four-track EP is full of aggressive basslines and hip hop samples, and has a crazy side story to go with it. The Slug Wife Soundcloud features a burn reel of the album and the first chapter of the story about a race of intergalactic slug people and their fearful plight. Beyond that, there is nearly no information to be found about these freshman producers, but the beats and the story are enough to get audiences’ attention.

Lard Monolith is the opener on the EP and goes well with the story. The funky, distorted melody on the intro could well be played at Jabba the Hut’s bar; one can almost hear the slime, in the best possible way. The track then evolves into a simple hip hop drum beat before the absolutely crushing bassline appears, washing out almost everything else in the track. It’s a chugging bassline but it also goes all over the place, morphing in different directions as the funky melody and old school vocal laser samples compose a sort of break in the action. It’s a wonked out, dirty track which represents the most creative ends of bass music, not to mention encapsulating the feeling of the weird, silly “Slug Wife” story.

While Lard Monolith is produced by both Kursa and Seppa, the EP also contains solo tracks by each artist: Watch Me is another bass-heavy chugger by Kursa, while Get Burned is more reliant on its repetitive vocal samples. The EP closes with another collab, Fucko Posse, which is a complete left turn from the rest of the EP. It contains what will likely be labeled as Kursa and Seppa’s characteristic bass, but it seems slower than the other three tracks, with more space between beats and more recognizable breaks. It’s a surprising way to end this weird, fun EP and will definitely leave listeners wanting more, both from the music and the story.

SLG001 is out now on Slug Wife records; grab it now on the label’s Bandcamp.

Written by Layla Marino

Blog: (Dropping) Weird Science
Twitter/IG: @dropweirdsci

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Moby – The Drum & Bass Remixes [Shogun Audio]

Shogun Audio present a very special release this month as four of their label family go in on remixes for the legendary Moby! Tackling such iconic and recognisable material is both an honour and a daunting challenge, but thankfully each of the artists has risen to that challenge and turned in some really memorable new versions within the D&B template.

Pola & Bryson and Technimatic turn in perhaps the most obvious remixes of the collection, sticking to their strengths and bringing some delicious liquid reworks to the table. The P&B remix of Porcelain in particular is just so lush; all the instantly familiar parts of the original are there, within a crispy framework of rolling breaks, warm bass and bubbling arpeggios.

Fourward also do a commendable job on their remix of Go, with the classic string segment matched by swelling reese basslines before a rough techy drop. Possibly the best of the bunch comes from Icicle though, harnessing the piano and vocals of Natural Blues into one of the wonkiest halftime compositions we’ve heard in a while. The beats and bass are positively lurching on this one, giving a really seasick lilt to the lyrics. Sick!

As with all the best remixes these are instantly recognisable yet entirely distinct from the originals; the Shogun camp have smashed this one. Check out the clips below and hit up your favourite digital outlet to grab the EP now.

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Premiere: Hex – No Forgiveness (Tunes Auto Remix)

Blog owner Hex returns this month with his first release in a year and naturally the Dojo has an exclusive for you! Canadian producer Tunes Auto goes in on a sick new rework of Hex’s No Forgiveness, flipping it into a monstrous assault of modulated bass and swung halftime beats. Serious character and some sick sound design on this one! Watch out for this coming on Black Tuna May 26th alongside remixes from Redpine & Solo and Aversive and two new Hex VIPs, and if you pre-order now on Bandcamp you get the Tunes Auto remix straight away.

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Premiere: Abstract Elements – Ukzur

We’ve got another wicked exclusive today from Abstract Elements who drop the fantastically glitchy Ukzur on Neodigital later this month for their Eurofunk Vol. 2 EP. Bringing together the precision and edge of modern neurofunk with the wonky, microfunk influenced sound the duo have been making a name for, this one is stripped back, robotic and punchy as hell! Look for it dropping 18th November (and hit up the Neosignal Store for pre-orders).

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Premiere: Mauoq – Mannoy (Kozmo Remix)

Italian producer Mauoq has fast become one of our favourite underground artists over the last few years so we’re incredibly pleased to have the exclusive on one of the new cuts from his very own Mauoq Music imprint!

Mannoy gets the remix treatment from US head Kozmo, taking the original smoother and flipping it round into a bleeped out, wonky slice of halftime D&B with skittering drums and tons of character. Sick! Hit up the Mauoq Music Bandcamp to pre-order now; MQM007 drops Nov 16th on bandcamp with full release following Nov 30th.

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