GENR8 – Now The Future EP [GENR8ION]

We’ve always got our ear to the ground for fresh Drum & Bass here at TEB and it’s always a pleasant surprise to hear not only a new artist on a new label but one hailing from the US of A! While American artists such as Gridlok have been making a healthy contribution to the scene for some time it’s still good to see that D&B has evolved beyond it’s London roots in the early 90s.

Newcomer GENR8 comes with a tasty 4 track EP of growling neurofunk with recommendations and DJ support coming from the likes of Blokhe4d and AK1200. My pick of the tunes is Terminal Balistics – check it out below and be sure to head over to Genr8ion’s soundcloud for more!

Shogun Audio Evolution EP Series 3 [Shogun]

Shogun Audio continue to go from strength to strength and their latest release in the Evolution EP series is no exception with a quality selection of drum & bass from some of the best producers in the scene. Heavy hitters come from Rockwell with Constantcomplexrhythmicsound and a digital exclusive VIP of Subterrestrial from The Prototypes, while dBridge and Alix Perez deliver the smooth rollers of the release.

As with so much of the Shogun catalogue this is a must purchase for Drum & Bass heads, and some of these tunes will be smashing dancefloors over the next few months, so get to know ahead of the May 7th release!

Xtrah – Set The Levels / Regain Control [Modulations]

Xtrah‘s latest release for Critical sub-label Modulations is serious business from a producer who’s been making waves on labels like Subtitles over the past year or so. Set The Levels with Codebreaker on vocal duties is all grime and viciousness, with the sort of bass throbs that you can feel in your chest when you hear the song on a club system. Regain Control on the flip doesn’t disappoint either, delivering moving bass synths and a shifting, skittering beat that brings to mind some of Break‘s best work.

Watch out for the full release on May 7th.