DNB Dojo Podcast #11 – Sep 2017

With autumn beginning to close in Hex is back with the 11th episode of the DNB Dojo Podcast. This month the mix features cuts from Forbidden Society, Makoto, Jazzatron, Black Opps, Ordure and many many more, as always representing the full spectrum of the D&B sound.

You know the score by now; check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

SCAR – Burnside VIP [Dispatch]
Dave Catalyst – Strong Suit [Deconstructed]
Mindmapper & Silvahfonk – Convection [Dispatch LTD]
Kroks – Dominator (Fortitude Remix) [Close2Death]
QZB – Apollo [Critical]
Bert H – Kiss Me (Command Strange Remix) [Fokuz]
Makoto – Black Narcissus [Hospital]
Bad Disktrikt & Seibel – Run [Bad Taste]
Telomic – Onism [Terra Firma]
Fybe:one & Hyroglifics – With You [Diffrent]
Forbidden Society – The Last Tone (Raise VIP) [Forbidden Society]
Hybris – Cabin Pressure [Pseudoscience]
Neurotoxin – Phoenix [Skalator]
Jazzatron – Ulterior Jungle [The Dreamers]
Chris Cause – Ethereal [Such Music]
Mindloader – Bad Faith [Beat Spectrum]
Black Opps – Desires [Addictive Behaviour]
Inmachineswetrust – Razorfeed [Modular Carnage]
Torn & Displaced Paranormals – Visions 0f Paradise [Inception Audio]
Ordure – Overlay [Flexout]
Akkrid & Distrikt – Sentinel [Dispatch LTD]
DR & Coppa – Promised Land [Methlab BNKR]
D Flect – Cosmos [Lost]
Halogenix – Jump Suit [1985]
Conduct – Matriarch [Blu Mar Ten]
Soul Intent – No Answers (Concealed Identity Remix) [Lossless]
Dominic Ridgway – Sourface [Black Crane]
SD – Clear Sky [BNC Express]
Sirus – New Dawn (Manu Remix) [Detached Audio]
Ziz & Doc Logic – What Am I [Default]
Clearlight – Parasite (Kit Curse 170 Version) [Free Download]
Hertenfels & Firn – Remember (Gus Duffy Remix)
Ewol – Opaque [Plasma Audio]
Samurai Breaks – Star Dog [Fragmented]
Signs – Skinny Leg [Kinetik]
Traced – Killer [Red Light]
Thesis – Forest Winds [Thesis]
Naibu – Ashtray (Seba Remix) [Scientific]
Gerra & Stone – Preditor (feat. Visionobi) [Dispatch]
My Nu Leng – Portal [Shogun]
Narxy One – Greedo [Sinuous]
Draize – Tell Me [Tesseract]
Black Barrel – Zero Tolerance [Vandal]
Quentin Hiatus – Flutterstep [Translation]
Karma Kingdom – Unanswered [Bay 6]

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