December Roundup

Another month, another massive wealth of new drum & bass! We check out the best of the rest from Conduct, Skeptical, Benny L, Cybin and more… Continue reading

James Marvel – Way of the Warrior [Audioporn]

James Marvel’s latest single for Audioporn has already topped the Beatport D&B charts and with good reason; Way of the Warrior brings together fantastic suspenseful intro/breakdown work with a crisp, hefty drop buoyed along by hyperkinetic bassline movements that batter away relentlessly as the tune strides forward.

For us here at the Dojo though the B side is the true star of the show. Morphing, IDM-tinged melodies characterise Outlife, with a catchy melodic progression that proves entirely irresistible. This one gets into your head! Check out the clips below and hit up your favourite digital store to grab a copy right now.

Classic Track: Camo & Krooked – History Of The Future

Before they became the Hospital superstars they are today Camo & Krooked were already busy writing dancefloor bangers, including this personal favourite for Audioporn. Dropping from D&B tempo on the intro into a cheeky electro house breakdown before stomping back up to full speed, this one is an unashamed jump up classic. Sure to wreck any dancefloor, any time!