Premiere: Glÿph – Forheit

Rotterdam label Blendits returns after a bit of a hiatus with a top new single from Glÿph, aka Belgian producers Clearlight & Owl. Providing the flip to heavier track DetachedForheit goes in deep on sound design and atmosphere, building tension around the intricate drum rhythms and powerful sub. Cinematic business with enough edge for the club…just how we like it. Look for this one coming May 11th via all the usual outlets.

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DNB Dojo Mix Series 65: Chris Harmonics

Rolling beats on today’s exclusive guest mix as Blendits boss Chris Harmonics steps up with a 45 minute selection. As you’d expect given the label’s MO, the mix combines the rough and the smooth with liquid rollers from the ikes of Calibre and Mistical sitting alongside tougher tech beats from Bredren, Phentix and blendits crewmembers Mindmapper & Silvahfonk. There’s also a host of dubplate fire in there so watch out for those unreleased beats.

As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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M-zine & Scepticz – Play EP [Blendits]

Rotterdam imprint Blendits has undoubtedly become one of the most dependable smaller D&B labels around over the past two years, playing host to varied and interesting productions from some of the best names in the underground scene. Their latest EP sees Belgian duo M-zine & Scepticz join the label roster and the results are a treat for anyone who’s a fan of chunky, detailed rollers.

Title track Play goes in heavy, with a satisfyingly thick bassline, sci-fi leads and stomping tech drums for a solid dancefloor workout. Singularity changes gears, stripping back the elements for a spooky, cerebral composition; this one is all in the drums and those faintly eerie pads.

Consonance pulls the classic bait and switch, lulling us into a false sense of security with what sounds like a lush liquid intro before dropping into a tough edged high-energy roller. The combination of heft and soul is reminiscent of some of Digital’s older work, and the results are equally impressive. Last but not least, we get gully again on the dark and dangerous sounds of Glimpsed.

Overall the Play EP presents four precise and deep yet utterly dancefloor-worthy slices of classic 2-step D&B business, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Check out the clips and hit up the Blendits bandcamp to buy the EP direct.

November Roundup

Time for another look at the best of the rest for the past couple of weeks with new releases from London Elektricity, No Rules & Torn, Hex and more…

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Inertia / Ghost Palace [Blendits]


Rotterdam-based imprint Blendits return with possibly their most varied release to date featuring four fresh new tracks from up and coming producers in the scene. Chromatic kick things off with grimey tech roller Inertia that hits the ground at a hefty pace with a catchy bass riff and tight, funky drum lines. Bredren & Philth keep things moving along at pace on Ghost Palace, taking the vibe deeper with booming sub and creepy atmospherics.

Le Tricolore changes the vibe completely, bringing the melodies to the fore on a liquid beat built on cheeky melodic flourishes and soaring pads. Last but not least Bredren close things out on an experimental tip with the sparse, melancholy halfstep of Passing Period. One for the deep heads! Check out the clips below and look for this on vinyl and digital from April 13th.

Impish – Friday [Blendits]

Blendits are back and this time they’re bringing the liquid flavours with two new tracks from names that should be familiar to anyone who keeps an eye on the Fokuz release schedules. Impish brings a lush roller to the table in the form of Friday, combining crunchy bass and crisp beats with a cheeky selection of vocal cut-ups for a nice little outing with equal parts energy and soul.

Over on the flip production duo Soligen & Type-2 team up with vocalist Wednesday Amelia for another slick roller, amping up the melodic vibes to great effect. This one reminds me a lot of Naibu’s best work, with a great balance between the melodic elements and the tough beats and bass that drive the tune along. Check out the clips below and give the official video a watch – this one is out right now at all good digital stores.

Mystic State – Lingua / Rainmaker [Blendits]

Dutch club night/label collective Blendits drop another pair of excellent beats for their seventh release, continuing the label’s excellent selection of deep yet still dancefloor worthy tunes. A-side Lingua sees the Mystic State boys teaming up with fellow production duo Monoscript for a driving, subby number with plenty of tasty percussive details and a dubby vocal hook. The flip sees the Mystics back to solo duties, blending jazzy licks with junglistic breaks for a big booming stepper. Check out the clips below and grab this one from your favourite digital outlet now!

Hydro & War – Censorship [Blendits]

Blendits return with their biggest release yet, snagging a pair of techy rollers for the label’s increasingly impressive discography. Hydro & War provide the A side, combining crisp beats and techy bass with a layer of spooky melodies and atmospherics, apparently passing some comment on the production of pop music in the process.

Eastcolors comes in for remix duties on the flip, bringing a new slant to Mindmapper & Silvahfonk’s Polygraph. The soft pads and chords of the original are embelished, richer and fuller, and the previously steady mix is swapped out for a frenetic array of chopped breaks. The mixture of musically beautiful elements and rough and tough drumfunk beats is a potent combo! Check out the clips below and look for this one on vinyl and digital from November 24th.

Soligen & Type-2 – Martyr [Blendits]

Soligen & Type-2 continue their impressive assault on the D&B scene with a new beat for Rotterdam-based Blendits Audio. Showcasing their versatility, the duo lay down an unusual rhythm with heavy sub kicks and metallic percussion scattered across the mix. A conventional roller this is not, but deep, dark and exciting it most definitely is!

Over on the flip Young:G heads for slightly more predictable but nonetheless enjoyable territory with a grimey, stripped back techstepper in the form of Shantytown. Fans of Amoss will definitely enjoy this one. Check out the clips below and look for the release from September 22nd.

Soligen & Type-2 – Pretending [Blendits]

Rotterdam based Club Night and label Blendits return with their second release featuring two deep collabs. Soligen & Type-2 deliver an intricate and soulful roller with a hint of techstep teeth on Pretending, which proves detailed and rewarding on repeat listens.

Over on the flip dutch duo Mindmapper & Silvahfonk come correct on Polygraph, blending crisp, tough drums, airy synth work and warm sub for a roller that is danceable yet understated.

Check out the beats below and grab a copy from your favourite digital outlet!