Win Concussion Records Vinyl!

Our pals at Concussion Records are celebrating their third birthday, and being the kind folk they are they’re offering up the chance to win their first four vinyl releases (including their yet to be released fourth single from Kantyze) and a poster to boot! All you have to do is Like and Share this post on Facebook (embedded below) by 11PM on 31/10/2016. Can’t say fairer than that can you? If you’re not familiar with the Concussion sound then check out their last release below; rolling neurofunk business from Bowsar with a sick remix on the flip from Dose. Yes yes!

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Bowsar & Double Helix – Hyperbolic / Circuit [Full Force]

Double Helix’s previous releases for Deep Field Audio have really impressed me so the news that he was teaming up with Bowsar for a new single on Full Force was appropriately exciting! The tracks don’t disappoint either, delivering the kind of high octane, precision neurofunk that so many try but so few actually pull off.

Hyperbolic builds from a solid backbone of high impact drums, adding in an obscene level of bassline detail and modulation for a hyperkinetic badboy of a tune! Circuit goes for a slightly more sparse approach, allowing the bass riffs to breath a little between the beats but still keeping the energy and impact high. Fans of Phace et al should definitely give this one a look. Check out the clips below and grab this one from your favourite digital store now!