Umbr3lla – Mercury / Fallen [Brain Network]

Brain Network bring another new artist into the fold and stay true to their vision with another pair of hefty neurofunk beats. Mercury builds tension with skittering breaks and grimey bass movements before Fallen lunges for the jugular with a morphing bassline and heavy snares. Serious business!

Check out the clips below and grab the release from Beatport now.

Phonograph – Dreams of Heaven / Escape From Reality [Brain Network]

Brain Network dial things back a little from their usual neurofunk onslaught to present two dark brooding techstep beats from Phonograph. Opener Dreams Of Heaven brings to mind some of Ulterior Motive’s work, with deep yet understated bass, satisfyingly chunky drums and some great atmospheric synth work.

Escape From Reality continues the trend, morphing bass giving the tune character without swamping the composition and atmospherics playing a big part once again. Check out the clips below and grab the release from Beatport now!

Matt McGowan – Over Zero / The Demon [Brain Network]


Matt McGowan returns to Brain Network with another top-notch release showcasing his impressive talents for progressive neurofunk. Over Zero kicks off with a ton of atmosphere on the intro, building the tension with brooding synths and a hip-hop style beat as the moving bassline starts to rise into the mix. The inevitable kick-drum crescendo lifts us into a meaty drop as twin basslines fight back and forth over the rolling beats before giving way to more melodic elements; epic stuff!

The Demon provides ample B-side relief with a more straight-forward balls to the wall composition – heavy beats, eerie pads and a bassline which is frankly just menacing. If you’re looking for subtlety you’ll find little of it here, but if you’re looking for dancefloor danger you’ll find it in spades.

With beats like these coming out of the studio McGowan is clearly one to watch for 2014! Check out the clips below and watch out for the release dropping via Beatport from Jan 6th and elsewhere from the 20th!

Picota – Take This Base / Secret Base [Brain Network]


Brain Network are back with another polished slice of neurofunk badness from Picota who returns to the label for a second single. Take This Base kicks in hard with punchy snares and a reese which is definitely taking no prisoners; aggressive mid-range tones are the order of the day here and the modulation is honed to a tee.

Secret Base continues the trend, building atmosphere on the intro before a heavy steppers beat slaps the tune into gear with squelchy bass and some nice sonic detail as different percussive elements echo in and out of the mix.

Watch out for this one dropping on Beatport from December 9th and everywhere else from December 23rd.

Afterlife – Haters / Fist of Fury [Brain Network]

Brain Network continue their relentless neurofunk onslaught with a new release from Afterlife. Haters hits home with a super crisp break and a cheeky rap sample before the meaty warped bass kicks in with a satisfying fuzzy bitcrush on the very end of the growls.

Over on the flip Fist of Fury brings a heftier beat to the fray with an ever-changing artillery of bass modulations that should keep a floor on it’s toes! Check out the clips below and go grab the release – it’s out now on Beatport and will be dropping at all other stores from December 16th.

Ghost – War Paint EP [Brain Network]

Brain Network return with another storming EP from Leicestershire upstart Ghost. The tracks display a true talent for rolling, dark neurofunk – crisp breaks imbued with heavy hitting kicks and snares and some nice percussive overlays characterise most of the tracks and gritty, modulated basslines abound.

War Paint kicks off the EP with a rolling break and some classic Virus-esque spooky synth work before a big reese line kicks the tune into gear. Time Bandits keeps things moving with a more modern sounding modulated bassline, while Body Count heads for more technoid territory with an infectiously hyperactive loop. Finally Megalomania sounds the rave alarm for one more banger to close the release.

Check out the beats below and pick up a copy from your favourite digital outlet now!

Tol-Man – Planets Part 2 [Brain Network]

Brain Network hit us with their latest digital single from Tol-Man who delivers a pair of hard hitting neurofunk belters. Saturn opens the salvo with trancey synths and plenty of atmosphere on the intro before a heavy hitting bass drop and massive synthetic snare hits knock the tune into gear.

Over on the flip the sci-fi theme continues with the rising synths and filtered breaks of the intro giving way to another another huge drop; fans of Audio and the Virus sound should definitely check this one out. Check out the clips below and pick up a copy from your favourite digital outlet.