Premiere: Stabfinger – Doppia Personalità

Something a bit different for you today as we present the premiere of Stabfinger’s brand new track for Boomerang Records Doppia Personalità. Channelling the IDM and acid-inflected sound of vintage Squarepusher, this is hectic cut-up jungle at it’s weirdest and most-wonderful. Sick tune! Look for this coming Jan 30th exclusively at Beatport, with full release Feb 13th at Bandcamp and other stores.

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Premiere: No_Name – The Things We Left Behind

Chopped up darkcore jungle from the depths of Germany on our latest premiere as No_Name returns to Krytika Productions with a slamming slice of breakbeat chaos called The Things We Left Behind. Ominous pads, growling bass hits and a frenzied assault of chopped breakbeats combine on a track that takes in the influence of techstep, old school jungle and breakcore. Sick! Check it out and look for the track dropping as part of the VA We Are Products EP on Monday.

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Rognvald – R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D [Love Love]

Love Love Records are back with a seriously tasty jungle EP from Richard Wilson under new alias Rognvald. Best known for his eclectic acid output as Beatwife, Wilson’s latest sees him chopping the breaks and drawing on influences from classic jungle, drumfunk and breakcore for a dark and chaotic selection of tracks.

From the outset it’s obvious that any concerns about DJ friendliness or adherence to the common confines of electronica have been chucked straight out of the window in favour of the open ended progressions and freeform danger that makes modern jungle and ‘core so enjoyable. Opener R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D wastes no time in building terrifying atmospheres amid a whirlwind assault of beats, segueing effortlessly into a haunting beatless bridge and back out into more of those crunchy drum chops. Next up, Whistle Posse lightens the mood with a distinctly tongue in cheek ode to classic nonsense jungle; wobbled up bass, helter skelter snares and of course, whistle samples a-plenty!

Out into the second half of the EP, Lowcol Junglist employs spacey pad sounds and distant ragga vocals for a tripped out ride as the beats crash down around the listener’s ears. Once again the pace is breakneck and all the tools in the breakbeat arsenal have been employed with just the right balance of precision editing and low-fi scuzz; mid 90s vibes updated for 2017. Last but by no means least, Asbiorn voyages into intricate drumfunk territory with the beats coming up a little cleaner and crispier. Replete with satisfying drum edits and haunting samples, this one is truly hypnotic.

Love Love are on fine form once again with possibly their best jungle release yet! Check out the clips below and hit up the label Bandcamp page to grab the EP on vinyl or digital now.

Evol Intent – Middle of the Night Remixes

Following on from a most successful Middle of the Night remix contest, Evol Intent collect the five winning entries along with a trap remix from Knick’s Bro Safari side project. The full spectrum of genres is covered nicely here, with Bl4ck Owlz turning in a hefty dubstep mix and Jamestown Thieves & Dirty Doses bringing the electro house vibes on their mix.

The highlights here at the Dojo proved (unsurprisingly) to be the higher tempo reworks. Jorts’ purple/future bass rework provides a fantastic reimagining of the original with a very different tone, while Teknian & ZeroZero give the track a crisp new D&B mix that borrows heavily from the Break school of production. The star of the show however has to be the madcap breakcore edits of the Fantastic Planet remix, which carries a simply unbelievable level of detail. Badass chops!

Check out the clips below and head to your favourite store to buy the release; it’s also available for free via Topspin.

Syk2ne – Abnormal Behaviour EP [Free Download]

Syk2ne delivers a nice free release with his Abnormal Behaviour EP showcasing two slices of filthy hardstep. Cinematic soundscapes combine with tearing basslines and face-melting drum lines to great effect. Fans of the breakcore/metal tinged end of D&B should definitely give this a listen. Check out the tunes below and grab yourself a free download from Bandcamp.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1980619564 size=medium bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 artwork=false]

Venetian Snares – printf(“shiver in eternal darkness​/​n”); [Isolate]

Breakcore legend Venetian Snares has been digging in the archives and has come up with the long out of print printf<“shiver in eternal darkness​/​n”>; LP, which is now available via his bandcamp page. The LP is packed full of the unmistakeable Venetian Snares cutup sound, but bears a distinctly more jungle-influenced vibe than some of his other more raved up material such as Pink + Green or Chocolate Wheelchair. Dark, industrial sounds, heavy bass, chopped up breaks and hard static are present throughout.

The re-release also features some bonus tracks that never made it out originally, and you can grab the whole thing for a measily $8 straight from bandcamp. Check it out and grab yourself a copy below!

[bandcamp album=3501341306 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande2]

In The Mix…Aaron Spectre

To celebrate his addition to the already healthy lineup for this year’s Bangface Weekender, the legend that is Aaron Spectre has come up with a “Return to the Jungle” mix which delivers a tight mashup of Jungle, Breakcore, Ragga and Drum & Bass vibes. 26 minutes of clattering snares, glitched amens, rastafari vocal snippets and low end heft…get in!