Dojo Damager: Limewax Album

When it comes to hard D&B, few do it better than Limewax. Since bursting onto the scene at the tender age of 17 with EPs for Tech Itch Recordings and Freak and his seminal debut LP Scars on the Horizon, Maxim Anokhin has cemented his reputation as one of the most creative and brutal artists in the nastier end of the scene.

More than a decade on from those initial forays into the scene, Limewax’s self-titled third LP hits as hard as his previous efforts and takes in the full breadth of influences; from hard amens to relentless gabber kicks and through paranoid, Raiden-esque technoid this LP is quite simply the finest in uncompromisingly aggressive D&B. Check out previews of the album below and hit up your favourite store to grab it right now.

Dread – Geometry of Sound EP [Critical Bass]

It’s always nice to get something a little different in the Dojo inbox so Dread’s new EP for Critical Bass made a welcome change from the more traditional D&B releases we’re often sent. Geometry of Sound presents four tracks of hard, nasty crossbreed with all the edge and fury you’d expect from the style. If you like your D&B with a touch of the gabba to it then check out the clips below and look out for the EP dropping from October 19th at all good digital stores.

Son of Kick – Hours (SPL Remix) [Midication]

Long ago, before Dubstep, before the rise of “EDM”, Samuel Pool aka SPL made a name for himself making vicious darkstep D&B with releases on Freak Recordings, Evol Intent Recordings and Tech Itch Recordings, among others. In recent years he’s mostly been preoccupied with lower tempo flavours but his latest remix for Son of Kick sees the LA based producer returning to the monstrous 170 sound he first made his name with.

Playful breaks and pitched up vocals on the intro set the tone before the main event; a huge portion of growlingly filtered bass and the sort of balls to the wall breakbeat assault that will absolutely slay a dancefloor. This one is dangerous! There are also respectable lower tempo mixes from Marshall F and Two Fresh which you can check out over here. Check out the remix below and grab it from Beatport now – other stores should get the release from October 12th.

Cooh, WPL & Corrupted Minds – Orcrux / Brutal Truth [Big Riddim]

Big Riddim keep things hard and nasty on their latest release featuring two slammers from Therapy Sessions alumni Cooh, WPL and Corrupted Minds. Orcrux opens the salvo with a relentless technoid rhythm, the onslaught of kicks and bass punctuated with infectious, a hypnotic synth lead and judicious use of amen breaks.

Over on the flip Brutal Truth gets a bit smashier, with an appropriately brutal kick snare drum line repeatedly punching for the gut against a landscape of distortion and general carnage. Check out the clips below and grab this one on vinyl or digital now.

Forbidden Society – Criminal EP Part 1 [Forbidden Society Recordings]

Those who like their D&B on the gnarly side should already be familiar with Czech producer Forbidden Society and his uncompromising brand of darkstep beats. His latest release continues in a similar vein, with four new tracks of heavy hitting bass and beats.

Criminal opens the salvo with a half-time intro and a catchy vocal sample before a full tempo drop featuring heavy kicks and snares. Monger switches things up with a more spacious beat, filling in the space with some seriously aggressive bassline action.

Stress has unfortunately been the subject of some animosity on the part of Receptor (drama fans can read Receptor’s post here and Forbidden Society’s reply here) but it still proves a blasting slice of glitched up hardstep D&B. Finally the EP closes out with Donny’s absolutely belting remix of Heavy Metal Tank, featuring his trademark metallic snares and a monstrous morphing bassline.

Check out the clips below and grab the EP at your favourite digital outlet now.

Classic Track: Audio & The Sect – Pounded

Audio has been steadily establishing a rep as one of the tightest producers in the Techstep/Neurofunk scene, with a knack for combining the harder edge of drum & bass with dancefloor sensibilities. For today’s classic track we look back to 2008 and Audio’s first LP for Dylan’s Freak Recordings.

While the album is packed full of tasty hardstep including some other memorable tunes, Audio’s collab with The Sect for Pounded remains one of my favourite tunes from this era. Unrelenting in the pressure of it’s drum lines and featuring deft use of a sample many will recognise from a 2 Many DJ’s mix, the tune still kicks just as hard now as it did five years ago. Check it out below.


Donny & Unknown Error – Songs From The Living Dead [Barcode]

The Barcode camp deliver a characteristically stomping 12″ from Donny and Unknown Error! First up South African hardstep veterans turn in a seriously rough and tough remix mashing up Donny’s The Forgotten and Symptomless Coma. The drop on this one is vicious!

 Over on the flip Donny steps up for remix duties on Unknown Error’s War Games, stripping back the hammering drum lines to let the grimey, warped bass breath, and chucking in some chunky distorted amens for good measure.

Grab these tracks on strictly limited 12″ vinyl or digital, out now!

Forbidden Society & Donny / Audio – Creator & Destroyer / Burn It Down [Forbidden Society]

ForbiddenSocI’m quite partial to a bit of the hard, nasty stuff from time to time and few do it better than Czech producer Forbidden Society. When it comes to face-smashing, metal-influenced, gabba-tinged belters, he’s definitely your man. For this particular release, he’s teamed up with Barcode head-honcho Donny, the other master of pots-and-pans darkstep wrongcore, so no surprise then that this release is a little special!

The build up on Creator and Destroyer features some nice sampling of one of Bane’s speeches from The Dark Knight Rises and some dirty reese action before dropping into a totally stomping beat with some classic Donny metallic snares on the go. As if this wasn’t enough, the flipside comes from none other than Audio, who provides a fantastic scuzzy roller reminiscent of his early work on Dylan’s TechFreak imprint. Just to round things off nicely Forbidden Society provides The Punch as a digital only bonus track.

Check out the previews below and watch out for release date info soon!