Momoiro Clover Z – Lost Child (Noisia Remix) [Vision Recordings]

News of fresh Noisia beats is always music to our ears here at the Dojo, and their latest remix for Momoiro Clover Z is no exception! You could be forgiven for thinking “Momoiro Clover who?”; for those not well versed in Japanese pop music, think their version of Girls Aloud. An unlikely choice for a Noisia remix, then.

The end result sees a chorus of voices on the intro and bridge segments set to epic chords, which then give way to a stomping drumstep rhythm and that trademark Noisia bass grit. If Noisia were to remix the Akira soundtrack, this would be the result. Check it out below and grab yourself a copy via Beatport from Monday August 25th.


Naked Objects – Polar Shift [Default Recordings]

Naked Objects - Polar Shift DEF010

Default Recordings celebrate their tenth release with an interesting new single from Naked Objects, featururing two distinct mixes of the same tune. The South Mix provides a heavier hitting drumstep rhythm and plenty of low end growl, while the North Mix heads for dark roller territory, swapping the half-time rhythms with a full tempo break and emphasising the sub over the growlier bassline elements.

Check out the clips below and grab this from your favourite digital outlet now.

Reso – Pulse Code EP [Hospital]

I’ve been a fan of Reso ever since his early releases in the dubstep scene and more recent work at the 170 tempo has consistently proved his talents as a producer of tight, innovative electronic beats. His latest Ep for Hospital continues that trend, with particular highlights coming on Pulse Code (which sports some of the finest drum editing I’ve heard recently) and the monstrous Devastator, a spiritual successor to the epic War Machine

So far there are only short teaser clips online but they give a taste of the EP’s variation and polish. Check it out below, and head to the Hospital Shop where you can pre order the EP on limited edition 10″ vinyl or digital prior to the March 24th release.

The Upbeats – Predator [Subhuman]

The Upbeats touch down on Dieselboy’s Subhuman imprint with a monstrous slice of drumstep in the form of Predator. All caution and subtlety has been thrown to the wind here in favour of snarling bass danger and an absolutely stomping half-time kick/snare drum beat. Check it out below and grab a copy from your favourite digital outlet now!

Mutated Forms – Eighty Six EP [Pilot]

Estonian trio Mutated Forms live up to their name with a truly wonky take on the 170 sound. From the frenetic footwork/grime crossover of Tension (featuring Manchester MCs Virus Syndicate) through the mutant rave/trap/drumstep beats of Swamp and out into the hip-hop influence of Blop, these beats should challenge listeners and DJs alike.

Have a listen to the clips and watch out for the release dropping via Pilot Records from September 23rd.

Reso – When It Drop [Free Download]

The king of glitched out neuro-infused beats to my mind is indisputably Reso. The man remains one of the few producers of interesting Dubstep and his forays into D&B tempo are always a treat, so his latest free giveaway was right up my street. When It Drop provides a tasty combination of skittering half-time beats, hip-hop sensibilities and gnarly bass, and the level of detail present in the tune is jaw dropping; every kick, snare and hi-hat has been carefully placed for optimal groove. Big!

Check it out below and grab a copy from Reso’s Facebook.