October Roundup Part Two

Once again we’ve had too many good releases dropping into the inbox so here’s part two of our roundup for October featuring Arcatype, Silent Witness, Rockwell, Dub Berzerker, Soul Intent and more!  Continue reading

Dub Berzerka – Call Girl / Anubis [Such Music]

LA’s Such Music return with a great new single from Mannheim producer Dub Berzerka. A side Call Girl proves a jazzy, soul-tinged roller with a warm undercurrent of wobbly sub bass and a cheeky guitar hook that should put a smile on everyone’s face…let’s just hope it’s not secretly about Mr Berzerka’s love of prostitutes!

Anubis keeps things crisp and rolling but heads for deeper territory with big, floaty pads and a less summery, more hypnotic vibe; definitely one to lose yourself in on the dancefloor. Check out the clips below and pick this one up from your favourite digital outlet now.