Dead Man’s Chest – Nautilus EP [Ingredients]

We really enjoyed Eveson’s previous jungle explorations under the Dead Man’s Chest alias so news of a second EP (and indeed a third to come) was met with enthusiasm here at Dojo HQ.

The sound he pioneered on the Dreamscapes EP is very much continued here, with more crusty breaks, old school-style sampling and an open minded approach to musical textures. The whole thing plays like a love letter to the scene that Eveson experienced through his treasured collection of rave mixtapes. Liquid ’94 provides a perfect example, keeping things airy and almost ethereal in the first half before flipping round for an entirely darkside bassline on the second drop; an appropriate homage to the shifting tones of the original jungle raves.

The freedom and experimentation of early 90s dance music is present, with less concern for the rigid formulas that can make modern D&B a little sterile. The mixdowns too, punchy though they are have that warmth, crackle and general imperfection that is sorely missing from the perfectly engineered electronic music of today.

Overall it’s another thoroughly enjoyable selection, and we’re looking forward to the next volume already! Watch out for the release dropping on beautiful marbled vinyl (and digital) from August 7th, and if you can’t wait hit the Ingredients Store for preorders.

If you want a bit more from Dead Man’s Chest be sure to check out his latest mix to promote the release. Tracks from both EPs appear alongside classic selections from J Majik, Doc Scott, Dillinja and Omni Trio, and the results are absolutely delicious.

Dead Man’s Chest – Dreamscapes EP [Ingredients]

Ingredients latest release sees Eveson unveiling his new Dead Man’s Chest project and dropping the tempo to the distinctly old school 160BPM region for a four track EP of future jungle shenanigans. Combining the old school bass and breaks of the early 90s jungle sound with modern production techniques and the talent for melody and composition Eveson’s fans already love, the EP is an exciting new direction and something I definitely hope to hear more of next year.

The tracks accomplish to blend influences from jazz, ambient, dub, liquid and who knows what else into a hypnotic, psychedelic jungle stew that draws you in to its warm sonic temptations with ease. Check out the clips below and watch out for the release dropping from December 8th.

Eveson – Grey Dawn EP [Ingredients]

Ingredients return with a fresh new EP from liquid impresario Eveson. The opening track sees him team up with Halogenix for a moody stepper replete with deft touches, from the warm bass to the simple yet effective melodic flourishes and through to the vocal snippets which ice the cake during the breakdowns.

A Dystopian Romance heads for brighter, more rolling territory with uplifting synths, crisp breaks and more choice vocal highlights. Rounding the release off, Deluge drops the tempo for a soft, atmospheric breakbeat outing; pure armchair joy. Check out the clips below and watch out for this one dropping from June 23rd.

Dominic Petrie – Tomorrow Now EP [Ingredients]

Dominic Petrie has been building his rep for quite some years now, with releases (some under his previous moniker of Y2D) on Nerve, Lifestyle, Phuzion and Sound Artillery. His latest work for the esteemed Ingredients signals a step up in the game, and one that’s long overdue.

Depth, soul and beauty run throughout the tracks, most of them melancholy in texture. Riverside Blues combines piano, vocals and a smooth, rolling break to distil an unusual sadness into drum & bass production, while Ephemerol Test and Exponent of Escape explore eccentric drum programming and atmospherics.

Soho treats us to lush pads, deep bass and simple kick/snare rhythms, while sci-fi nod TMA-1 provides the EPs only gritty number; reminiscent of some of Data’s finer work, and with a growling bassline to be proud of. Finally Empire and Beyond the Wall of Sleep close out the EP nicely with muted, jazz-infused liquid blues.

Check out previews of the whole EP below and look out for the release on vinyl and digital from Monday 11th November.

Mise En Place EP Pt. 2 [Ingredients]

The latest release from slightly left-field label Ingredients is really something special. The follow up to last year’s Mise En Place Pt. 1 sees a strong selection from artists both new and old.

First up is Dub Phizix with a beautifully melancholy number in the form of Rainy City Music. The Manchester drum-punch don has gone soft on us for this one, layering together soft pads, warm bass and natural percussion to make a lush tune that is all atmosphere and no bite, and fantastic for it.

Switching things up for track 2, the legendary Break turns in a cracking slice of uptempo yet reserved breakbeat led D&B with his remix of Villem‘s Splinter In Your Mind. All the usual hallmarks are there (that drum break, seriously) and the compositional strength and bassline tone are sure to put a smile on your face.

Skeptical delivers a punchy stepper with a VIP of Blue Eyes, and finally dRamatic & dbAudio round the EP off with the menacing snares and sub growl of the aptly titled No Return. Check out the previews below and watch out for the release very soon!

DNB Dojo Mix Series 01: Hex


The first in our series of exclusive mixes for DnB Dojo comes courtesy of blog owner Hex! The mix features a sneak peek at his newest track The Law alongside an hour of the best techstep and neurofunk, including brand new tracks from Telekinesis, Fourward and The Upbeats. The mix is available as a free download, so stream it below and grab a copy from Mediafire! The mix is also available over on Mixcloud.


Hex – The Law
The Upbeats & Noisia – Creep Out [Non Vogue]
Telekinesis & MC Coppa – Pocket Full of Drops [Eatbrain]
Cause4Concern – Luca (Silent Witness Remix) [C4C]
Ivy Lab – Brat [Critical]
Mikal – The Chant (Rido Remix) [Utopia]
The Upbeats – Diffused [Vision]
Enei & Mefjus – Crawlers [Critical]
The Prototype & MC ID – Blackout [Shogun]
Telekinesis & Concord Dawn – Nightwalkers [Eatbrain]
Neonlight – Frozen Tape (Rregular & Dementia Remix) [Trust in Music]
Inside Info – Sundew [Viper]
Audio & Future Signal – Furyen [Subtitles]
Cause4Concern – Control Freak (Task Horizon Remix) [C4C]
Ewun & Spor – We Dominate [Lifted]
Cause4Concern – Pandemic (Octane & DLR Remix) [C4C]
Naibu & Ena feat. Key – Into The Distance (Break Remix) [Horizons]
Cause4Concern – Jinx [C4C]
BSE & Foreign Beggars – Dawn Of A Dark Day [BSE]
Optiv & BTK – Riptide [Virus]
Neonlight – Computer Music [Lifted]
Jade – Acid Flood [BSE]
Fourward – Street Knowledge [AudioPorn]
Jade – Venom (Mindscape Remix) [Eatbrain]
Memtrix – Mind Control [Breed 12 Inches]
Teddy Killerz & Nphonix – Earth Shaker [Bad Taste]
Joe Ford – City 17 [Bad Taste]
Apex – Malfunction [Trust in Music]
Villem – Splinter In Your Mind (Break Remix) [Ingredients]

October Roundup

So much great drum & bass has come into the inbox this month, it seemed like a good time for another roundup post!

First up, Ingredients have been going from strength to strength with their recent releases. The 29th label release saw them release a quality wee EP in the form of Mis En Place Pt. 1, featuring some great tracks by Villem, Mark Recoil and Foreign Concept, alongside my pick of the EP, dBridge‘s smooth remix of Kodo‘s The Jackal.

Not content to rest on their laurels, the label are gearing up for their 30th release with a 12″ from newcomers Ruffhouse, with a very tribal feel to it. Fans of the recent Loxy & Resound album on Exit should definitely have a listen to this.

Shogun sister label SGN:Ltd are back with another beauty from Technimatic (formerly Technicolour and Komatic) and as we’ve come to expect from this duo it’s smooth liquid vibes all the way. Unfinished Business leads the release but it’s She Knows It on the flip that really caught my attention.

Utopia Music‘s 10th release sees legendary producer Break teaming up with Fields, label owner Mako & Villem on a heavy techy roller. The deep atmospheric intro lulls the listener into a false sense of security before the drop, all clattering toms and low end growl.


French label IM:Ltd are back with a new EP featuring a versatile selection of tracks from a number of relatively unknown producers. You can check out the whole EP below; my picks of the bunch are Nuage’s Above Time (a lovely piano lead deep roller) and Atmospherix’s In This Life, which features some beautifully crisp breaks and a warm, simple bassline that proves just irresistible.

Critical are back with another deep release, this time featuring collabs with the vocal talent that is Riya. A side Injustice sees Riya teaming up with Sabre for a beautiful deep roller while the b-side switches production to Foreign Concept for an autonomic style melancholy half stepper. Essential purchase as usual from the Critical stable!

RAM‘s new sister label ProgRAM are back with another chunky dancefloor number from Kove in the form of Iodine/Open Ground which does the business exactly as you’d expect.

Last but not least, Lifted sister label Breed 12 Inches are back with an absolutely phenomenal release from Memtrix, who at the young age of 16 is already setting the world of drum & bass alight. Mind Control and Slipper both deliver some seriously heavy neurofunk business…one to watch for 2013, definitely big things coming from this guy!

Krakota – Be Myself VIP

Bournemouth based producer Krakota has been carving a name for himself on the Drum & Bass scene with releases on Critical and Ingredients, including last year’s Be Myself on the Ingredients Recipe Book LP. Recently he’s been kind enough to give away his VIP of the track for free, and it’s a gorgeous tune, equal parts uplifiting liquid and techy edge – crisp rolling snares, warm bass and a slightly ghostly echoed vocal sample.


Krakota has also recently put together a mix for KMag which has been on fairly heavy rotation here for the last week or so – a lively mix of recent techstep rollers with some older classics and a handful of  uplifting liquid numbers.


You can find more mixes and some previews of his forthcoming releases on Ingredients over on his Soundcloud page. Krakota’s latest release, Scraper/Tunnel Vision is out today on Ingredients, available on vinyl and digital from all good record stores.