Lockjaw – Human Research LP [Locked Concept]

It’s always exciting to see what an artist will do with the breadth of a full album, especially an artist who has been pushing the envelope as consistently as Lockjaw. In this case, the answer would be “a lot”; the Australian neurofunk producer has sidestepped the trap of producing twelve entirely-too-similar bangers and conjured a varied selection, while maintaining a coherent sonic identity and tone – no mean feat!

There are certainly a couple of more obvious modern neuro number in the form of title track Human Research and Current Value collab Passing, though both are interesting and impeccably engineered. Elsewhere though there are bizarre angular rhythms, jacking neuro-house, liquid-esque emotional rollers and cinematic, downtempo soundscape explorations. From dark and nasty to effortlessly effervescent, Human Research takes you on a journey through the vivid musical imagination of Lockjaw, and it’s a journey we’d thoroughly recommend you take.

The Human Research LP is out now on Locked Concept; check out the clips below and hit up Bandcamp to grab a copy now!

Premiere: Lockjaw – With You (The Sneak Remix)

Our latest premiere comes from Lockjaw’s Locked Concept imprint as the label go in on a cracking new remix EP. Lockjaw’s glacially paced ambient jam With You gets a fresh lick of sonic paint from The Sneak, who turns it into a jamming liquid roller with plenty of soul and dancefloor chops alike. Yes yes! Look for this one dropping July 22nd at all good digital stores.

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LCKD008 [Locked Concept]

Australian artist Lockjaw joins forces with Dean Rodell and Machine Code for the latest release on his Locked Concept imprint, with surprising results; given that all the artists concerned are primarily known for finely tuned dancefloor neurofunk at the dark end of the spectrum, this EP marks quite a stylistic departure.

Machinecode solo cut DoubleGate serves up a tidy slice of deep, rolling tech, easing off the bassline distortion in favour of progressive pads and warm sub, but the further two tracks are where the EP really gets interesting.

The intro to Array positively shimmers as synth arpeggios wash through the mix, eventually breaking into a driving but understated beat which serves as a perfect backbone to the melodic arsenal. Creeping into the second half of the tune the influence of 80s-style synth jams make their presence felt, adding to the trance-esque euphoria of the composition.

Last but by no means least, Phenotype closes the EP with an expansive and melancholic piece rolling together glitch and even elements of post-rock into a glorious halftime composition reminiscent of the work of 65daysofstatic. The piano and guitar work here is simply sublime, and it’s fantastic to hear artists primarily known for blunter and more abrasive material airing their soft side so emphatically.

Check out the clips below and look out for LCKD008 dropping March 26th.

Lockjaw – Two Suns / Suffer In Silence [Plasma]

The latest release from Melbourne’s Plasma Audio finds Lockjaw on top form, bringing two top new cuts to the table. Two Suns kicks off with a bright, uplifting build-up before dropping into a crunchy, rolling break. This one’s all in the progression; the main verse evolves constantly every few bars before descending into the bridge and the second drop drum switchups provide a level of detail often lacking in dancefloor neuro.

The ominously titled Suffer In Silence continues that trend for sonic detailing, with some superbly intricate break chopping imbuing the track with enough funk to offset the threatening bass distortions rumbling away underneath. Cracking stuff! Check out the clips below and hit up your favourite store to grab this one right now.

November Roundup Part Two

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Lockjaw – Chasing Shadows / Ions [Vandal Records]

Vandal Records continue their relentless release schedule with a new single from Australian tech producer Lockjaw. The production quality on show here is more than ample evidence of just how far he’s come since early releases for Lifestyle and Mindstorm, with a ridiculous level of precision in the beats and bass.

Chasing Shadows keeps things punchy as hell with stacatto drum rhythms set to an equally stabby bass pattern and plenty of creepy atmospherics. Ions follows suit with more punishing bassy body-blows…in fact this single is so stabby it might as well be called “Knife Fight”! Check out the clips below and grab this one from your favourite digital store now!

Lockjaw – Idol / Cold In The Middle [Lifestyle Recordings]

Lockjaw continues his run of excellent releases with another single for London-based Lifestyle Recordings. Idol ramps up the atmosphere on the intro before dropping into a hefty beat punctuated by soft, ethereal vocals and eerie synth screams; the duality of the fearsome beat and the soft pads gives the tune a really interesting energy, and little touches like the guitar in the second half of the tune really give this one character.

Cold In The Middle hits down heavy once again with a scattershot drum workout set to deep, ominous bass tones. Once again melodic elements are put to great use on the intro and breakdown, providing a contrast before the meatier elements steal the show. This one’s out now exclusively at Juno with full release to follow from August 4th. Check out the clips below and grab it at your leisure.

Lockjaw – Bounce / Hollowed Out [Vandal Records]

Vandal Records continue their absolutely excellent run of releases with two new techy stompers from the rising talent of Lockjaw. Bounce builds tension with claps on the intro before dropping into a rhythmic smorgasbord of heavy beats and stabbing bass; serious groove meets serious heft.

Hollowed Out keeps things moving along with some serious midrange aggression as filtered synth stabs aim for the jugular; dangerously dark vibes! Once again the percussion provides a varied selection of rhythms to offset the meaty bass and the production sheen is impressive to boot. Check out the clips below and grab this from your favourite digital store now.

Lockjaw – The Revelation / Cauterise [Lifestyle]

After his storming contribution to Lifestyle’s recent double-A side Canberra’s Lockjaw is back with a full single of his own brand of warped neurofunk beats. The Revelation opens fire with a full-filtered bass assault of squelching midrange and deft LFO layered over whip-crack snares and meaty kick drums, the overall effect having more swagger than you can shake a stick at.

Cauterise sees Harlequin MC adding vocals to the mix, with a helter skelter mix of hi-hats and the sort of snares that punch you in the chest. The tune breaks down to almost nothing in the bridge, building tension before round two of bass and full tempo breaks touches down at full pelt. Truly a dangerous tune! Check out the clips below and head to your favourite digital outlet to grab a copy now.

Conduct & Lockjaw – Futile / Big System [Lifestyle]

Lifestyle return with a big new single sure to be smashing up a few dancefloors in the near future! Conduct kick things off with some atmospherics and echoing breaks on the intro to Futile, building the tension with rising filtered synth work before amping things up with an absolutely monstrous bassline and heavy hitting compressed kicks and snares. Oooft!

Over on the flip Lockjaw deliver the appropriately titled Big System, a track clearly written with said large bass bins in mind. Throbbing modulated bass and tough, rolling breaks line up nicely to create another slice of techie business. Check out the beats below and watch out for the release dropping in all good digital stores from November 4th.