Memtrix – Teeth & Turn / Concrete [Memtrix Music]

Memtrix returns this month with two brand new tracks on a brand new imprint of his own (inventively titled Memtrix Music). Both sides of the new release signal a welcome return to the style of his earlier productions; while recent material on Lifted and Sotto Voce has been a little too pop-tinged for our taste, the tracks here are razor-edged, hyper-kinetic neurofunk smashers at their finest. Check it out below and hit up your favourite digital outlet to grab a copy right now…

Memtrix – Numbers [Lifted Music]

Memtrix has been turning heads recently both in terms of production and DJing, with a huge remix for Black Sun Empire just out and some huge sets at Renegade Hardware in London and beyond. Ever since I first heard his work for Breed 12 Inches I’ve been eagerly awaiting every new tune and his forthcoming single Numbers keeps the quality sky high, combining epic synth texture and huge drum hits with his trademark hyperkinetic movement in both the lead lines and the bass. Check it out below and watch out for this dropping on Lifted very soon!

In The Mix…Black Sun Empire

Dutch Neurofunk legends Black Sun Empire return with Episode 23 of their podcast series, and the boys have gathered a particularly tidy selection of neurofunk belters for the mix! New cuts from Chris.Su, Telekinesis, Memtrix and more all feature in the mix. As usual it’s a free download, so check it out!

From The Shadows (Remixes) [Black Sun Empire]

The upcoming remixes of Black Sun Empire‘s From The Shadows material are beginning to trickle out, and so far they are sounding more than healthy!

Lifted Music’s latest wunderkind Memtrix serves up some seriously energetic neurofunk with his remix of All Is Lost. If there was any doubt as to who the pretender to Spor’s abdicated thrown as the king of this sub-style was, this guy is busy dispelling it.


Not to be outdone by the young upstarts, gritty tech pusher Prolix has come correct with a stereotypically filthy refix of the Foreign Beggars imbued Dawn of a Dark Day. Leading with a huge bass throb before the breakbeat smashdown of the drop kicks in, this one is serious business.

Watch out for these dropping sometime in March!

Get to Know…Lifted Music

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere since 2006 it seems unlikely that you won’t have heard of Lifted Music. Starting early with a succession of classic releases from the likes of Spor, Evol Intent Ewun and Apex, the label had a quiet patch for a bit but has recently had all guns blazing once again with a slew of great releases over the last few months and plenty more to come.

Late last year the label came out with a seriously tidy EP in the form of From Roots To Wings. Featuring massive, futuristic tech-funk from Aeph, Memtrix, Neonlight, Receptor & Infuze, the release was all about dancefloor stompage and it delivered that by the spades.

Not content with that, Lifted squeezed out a 4 track EP from Neonlight just before Christmas with more heavy yet melodic tunes. Computer Music in particular has barely left my sets recently.

Not content with dominating the drum & bass scene, Lifted have just dropped a high quality Dubstep release from Meta with his second EP for their Lifted Dub arm. Delivering far more melody and production value than much of the over-saturated 140 BPM market but still retaining that futuristic Lifted sound, this is definitely worth a look.

Just in case you needed any further encouragement, here’s a classic from the back catalogue, Spor’s Knock You Down from LFTD001. Check it out, and grab the releases from the Lifted Store!

October Roundup

So much great drum & bass has come into the inbox this month, it seemed like a good time for another roundup post!

First up, Ingredients have been going from strength to strength with their recent releases. The 29th label release saw them release a quality wee EP in the form of Mis En Place Pt. 1, featuring some great tracks by Villem, Mark Recoil and Foreign Concept, alongside my pick of the EP, dBridge‘s smooth remix of Kodo‘s The Jackal.

Not content to rest on their laurels, the label are gearing up for their 30th release with a 12″ from newcomers Ruffhouse, with a very tribal feel to it. Fans of the recent Loxy & Resound album on Exit should definitely have a listen to this.

Shogun sister label SGN:Ltd are back with another beauty from Technimatic (formerly Technicolour and Komatic) and as we’ve come to expect from this duo it’s smooth liquid vibes all the way. Unfinished Business leads the release but it’s She Knows It on the flip that really caught my attention.

Utopia Music‘s 10th release sees legendary producer Break teaming up with Fields, label owner Mako & Villem on a heavy techy roller. The deep atmospheric intro lulls the listener into a false sense of security before the drop, all clattering toms and low end growl.


French label IM:Ltd are back with a new EP featuring a versatile selection of tracks from a number of relatively unknown producers. You can check out the whole EP below; my picks of the bunch are Nuage’s Above Time (a lovely piano lead deep roller) and Atmospherix’s In This Life, which features some beautifully crisp breaks and a warm, simple bassline that proves just irresistible.

Critical are back with another deep release, this time featuring collabs with the vocal talent that is Riya. A side Injustice sees Riya teaming up with Sabre for a beautiful deep roller while the b-side switches production to Foreign Concept for an autonomic style melancholy half stepper. Essential purchase as usual from the Critical stable!

RAM‘s new sister label ProgRAM are back with another chunky dancefloor number from Kove in the form of Iodine/Open Ground which does the business exactly as you’d expect.

Last but not least, Lifted sister label Breed 12 Inches are back with an absolutely phenomenal release from Memtrix, who at the young age of 16 is already setting the world of drum & bass alight. Mind Control and Slipper both deliver some seriously heavy neurofunk business…one to watch for 2013, definitely big things coming from this guy!