AKOV – Mantra EP [Mindtech]

The half-russian bear roars once more as AKOV touches down on Mindtech Recordings for a tidy new EP of sci-fi tinged neurofunk. There are few surprises here in terms of style but the beats are crisp, hefty and rolling; definitely more than capable of smashing up the rave. Check out the clips below and grab the EP from Beatport right now!

Myselor – Parallel Consciousness [Mindtech]

Belgian neurofunk label Mindtech continue their relentless barage of heavy futuristic tech with a full length LP from Greek producer Myselor. I’ve been awaiting more material with anticipation since the release of the Alive EP in 2012 and the album doesn’t dissapoint, delivering quality and heft in spades.

The level of attention to detail present in every track is incredible, and Myselor has done an excellent job of fusing the traditional rolling beats and hefty bass of neurofunk with melodic elements that gives the tunes character and atmosphere. Fans of BSE, Spor, Xilent and other melodic neurofunk would do well to check this out. Grab a copy from your favourite digital outlet or get it on CD from the Mindtech store.

Billain – Supertensor [Mindtech]

As if the recent release of the epic Boogie on Bad Taste wasn’t enough, Billain is back with more dirty new neurofunk, this time for the 3rd in the Mindtech Limited vinyl series. Supertensor delivers the trademark Billain style in spades, from the craftsmanship of the sound design on the intro, through the cranium-shattering, hyper-compressed snares and out into the filthy warping bass. This is a release from a man at the top of his game and to my mind one of the best dark neurofunk producers in the game right now.

Over on the flip Allied steps up to the plate and lays down Equilateral which is no slouch either! Heavy, rolling breaks and gut wrenching sub in equal portions, another Mindtech beat that’s sure to move a floor or three.

Look out for this one dropping April 8th on vinyl and digital!

Mastif – Enter The Dark Rift EP [Mindtech]

Hungarian up-and-comer Mastif delivers four slices of dark, deadly neurofunk for Mindtech Recordings. Following in the footsteps of the likes of Jade and Mindscape, there’s no messing around on this EP; from the first track it’s straight into heavy, rolling breaks and warped neuro basslines with heavy sub underpinnings. The classic sci-fi vibes present on so many dark drum & bass releases ring through here too, but that’s not to dismiss this as identikit beats; this EP comes from a producer who’s at the top of his game, and it shows in the tightness of production and attention to detail present throughout.

Check out the tracks below and grab the release from your favourite digital outlet, out now!