Premiere: Vulgarythm – Monobe

Sharp sound design, dark minimalism and a hypnotic lead melody on today’s premiere as Vulgarythm lands on Modular Carnage! Look for this one coming May 28th at digital stores.

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Premiere: Inmachineswetrust – Raw Material

Inmachineswetrust returns to Modular Carnage with a top new EP this month and we’re pleased to present the premiere of gritty tech rumbler Raw Material. Driven along by old school funk breaks and punchy bass, but softened with echoing vocal cuts and lush pad work, this is equal parts crunch and soul. Watch out for the Insight EP dropping later on this month…

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Premiere: Sedo – Evolution

Dark tech minimalism with an edge of soul on our latest exclusive as Sedo delivers fresh cuts for Modular Carnage. Evolution channels the stark, punchy sound that Sedo has been carving out over the last couple of years, but with a little softness around the edges…dare we say it channelling the influence of Break? Sick tune either way. Look for this dropping June 28th.

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Premiere: MISO – The Pact

Today’s premiere sees MISO landing on Modular Carnage with a forward thinking slice of techstep. Powered along by finely crafted sound design, pulsating sub bass and punchy drums, The Pact is a perfect balance of dancefloor chops and sonic detail. Look out for this one coming Feb 22nd at all the usual outlets…

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Premiere: Retrakt – Gravity (Ding Remix)

Modular Carnage bring us a deep tech heater from Ding on today’s premiere as he delivers a new remix of Retrakt’s Gravity. Throbbing bass, tight percussion and minimal melodic hits make for a hypnotic chant of a tune, 100% groove. Look for this alongside brand new Ding track Roots at digital stores from Nov 1st…

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Premiere: Inmachineswetrust – Apnoe

Modular Carnage are back with another big selection on the Habitat Vol. 2 LP and we’re proud to present the exclusive on ultra-deep cut Apnoe. German producer Inmachineswetrust brings together soft atmospheric pads, an insistent halftime rhythm and an array of crackles, bleeps and FX for a hypnotic ride across alien soundscapes; very cool. Watch out for the full album coming April 1st, and best of all it’s a free download!

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January Roundup Part Two

Another month has flown by in a flurry of wind, snow (here in Scotland at least…) and beats, so it’s time for another roundup! New material from Ed:it, Ghast, Saxxon and more after the jump… Continue reading

October Roundup Part Two

Once again we’ve had too many good releases dropping into the inbox so here’s part two of our roundup for October featuring Arcatype, Silent Witness, Rockwell, Dub Berzerker, Soul Intent and more!  Continue reading

Tonic – Disposition LP [Modular Carnage]

Kiwi producer Tonic first appeared on the Dojo radar last month with a great release for AutomAte Deep, and it seems he’s been busy in the studio lately. His latest work dropped a couple of days ago via Modular Carnage in the form of a nine track LP, and it’s an impressive body of work.

The tracks on show explore a variety of vibes, with a few of the deep halftime outings amongst a selection of more rolling numbers, all with a shared tone via grimey bass filtrations, sci-fi synths and a general attention to detail. There’s also a willingness to experiment rather than just copycating common D&B sounds and structures, which is nice to hear.

Highlights come on the dubby, sprawling halftime of Disposition, the punchy, insistent roll of Heat Index and the skittering, bleeped up vibes of Collision. Check out the clips below and hit up the Modular Carnage website to grab the album now on a “pay what you like” basis.