DNB Dojo Mix Series 49: ConVuse

Austrian DJ ConVuse steps up to the Dojo decks for our latest exclusive mix! As co-founder of the Sound In Motion promotion crew, ConVuse has been bringing the vibes to the scene around Gmunden/Vöcklabruck/Salzkammergut since 2010, booking the likes of Phace, Mefjus and Octane & DLR and throwing some of the country’s best parties.

For his Dojo mix Stefan has dug deep with a selection of rolling beats spanning tech and liquid styles with tracks from the likes of LSB, S.P.Y, Phentix and Spectrasoul. Classic D&B vibes! You can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Kimyan Law – Zawadi LP [Blu Mar Ten]

Reviewers often fall back on old adages about “that difficult second album” when reviewing an artist’s sophomore full length, but such adages definitely aren’t needed when discussing Zawadi, Kimyan Law’s follow up to his exceptional 2014 debut Coeur Calme. The 21 year old producer’s work continues to show a confidence, style and eccentricity well beyond his years, and the album is an absolute joy from start to finish.

As with his first LP (and indeed the other scattered tracks that have surfaced in between) Zawadi is wide ranging in it’s influences and sonic textures, an aural melting pot taking in African music, jazz, pop, garage, jungle and who knows what else. Lush natural instrumentation combines with club influences, like on the unusual, amen-tinged glitchyness of Yore Dub or Motsa collaboration Citadelle, which sounds like something Burial might come up with if he’d found a xylophone and could be bothered to work on his mixdowns.

Elsewhere Luba sees Kimyan reconnecting with his tribal roots for a beautifully simple composition consisting almost entirely of natural percussion and chanted vocals, while album closer White Moth Anthem takes a leaf from the LA bass book to explore a lurching, low slung hip-hop jam with tons of swing and a haunting set of synth textures.

There’s plenty of space elsewhere for more conventional D&B outings, whether on soft, liquid-y Phentix collab Mondegreen, stripped back roller Lavender or the deep halftime groove of September. Even on the more fast paced cuts all of Kimyan’s material retains a softness; sharp edged hyper-clean production this is not. The use of organic instrumentation gives everything not just a unique character but a general effortlessness, and the use of space and reverb give the album a profoundly cinematic quality.

More than anything this album is an emotional, evocative collection of material that bears all the hallmarks of a young musician pouring his being into his music. Genuine, engrossing, enthralling and colourful throughout, this might just be the best album you hear this year. Check out the clips below and hit up the BMT Store to grab it on vinyl, CD or digital right now.

November Roundup

Time for another look at the best of the rest for the past couple of weeks with new releases from London Elektricity, No Rules & Torn, Hex and more…

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Phentix – The Grim EP [IN:DEEP]

Austrian producer Phentix lands on IN:DEEP with a brand new EP featuring four fresh new cuts crossing the styles of D&B. When All Comes To An End and Dramatic keep things deep and moody, exploring the melancholy side of liquid with soft melodic sounds offset by tough edged breaks and brooding bass.

The Grim keeps things moody but with a techier edge, MC Kinetical’s verses landing smoothly between the sparse beat layout and grimey bass modulations. Last but not least, Storm closes the EP with a chunky tech roller that should shake a few systems and move a few dancefloors given half a chance. Check out the clips below and look for this at digital stores from June 1st.

If you want more from Phentix be sure to check out his mix for the DNB Dojo Mix Series! Deeper selections.

DNB Dojo Mix Series 15: Phentix


Austrian producer Phentix brings us a varied selection for the latest DNB Dojo mix! With beats signed to Citrus and Disturbed and a new EP dropping shortly on IN:DEEP Phentix is definitely one to watch for 2015, and his mix for the Dojo proves his chops as a DJ, gliding effortlessly through deep liquid and heavier tech styles. Yes yes!

As usual you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Mixcloud, Hearthis.at or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Dropbox.

Kimyan Law – Daimyo
Dub Phizix & Skeptical – Rags
Roygreen & Protone – Warman
Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptical Remix)
Roygreen & Protone – Speak the Truth
Amoss – The Shapeshifter ft. MC Fokus (Skeptical Remix)
Alix Perez – The Observer
Dub Phizix & Skeptical – The Enemy
Bredren – Rotten
Phentix – The Grim ft. Kinetical
Skeptical – Refraction
Kasra & Enei – So Real
Pessimist – Abstract
Octane & DLR – Back in the Grind (Cern & Dabs Remix)
Phentix – Hoax (unsigned Dub)
Klax – Blackball
Ivy Lab – Forex
Bredren – Control
Enei – Trainchaser
Amoss & Dabs – Latch
Sabre & Cern – Pinch Me
Break – Condensor
S.P.Y – Xenomorph
Ivy Lab – Gomeisa
Spectrasoul – Bygones
Break – Trying

TR Tactics – Mental Delusion EP [Citrus Recordings]

Austrian D&B duo TR Tactics follow up their excellent recent work for Addictive Behaviour with a fresh new single for Citrus Recordings. Mental Delusion hits down hard with big squelchy bass riffs, while on the flip fellow Austrian producer Phentix joins the TR team for a punchy drum workout on Quest Of Mind. Check out the clips below and head to your favourite digital outlet to grab the release now!