Forbidden Society – Criminal EP Part 1 [Forbidden Society Recordings]

Those who like their D&B on the gnarly side should already be familiar with Czech producer Forbidden Society and his uncompromising brand of darkstep beats. His latest release continues in a similar vein, with four new tracks of heavy hitting bass and beats.

Criminal opens the salvo with a half-time intro and a catchy vocal sample before a full tempo drop featuring heavy kicks and snares. Monger switches things up with a more spacious beat, filling in the space with some seriously aggressive bassline action.

Stress has unfortunately been the subject of some animosity on the part of Receptor (drama fans can read Receptor’s post here and Forbidden Society’s reply here) but it still proves a blasting slice of glitched up hardstep D&B. Finally the EP closes out with Donny’s absolutely belting remix of Heavy Metal Tank, featuring his trademark metallic snares and a monstrous morphing bassline.

Check out the clips below and grab the EP at your favourite digital outlet now.

Cern – Nostromo EP [Renegade Hardware]

Cern turns in his latest EP for the mighty Renegade Hardware, serving up a slice of dark, brooding techstep steeped in atmospherics. Opener Nostromo keeps the foot off the gas and the rhythms leftfield, with fantastic half-step (three-quarter step?) percussion and some great cymbal rings laid over ominous bass growls and eerie pads. Into Organism Cern brings things up to full pace with a rolling break and some twisted bassline business; the spirit of ’97 techstep brought out in 2013’s production quality.

Formless sees Cern teaming up with Russian producer Receptor for a hypnotic techno-influenced stomper that evokes memories of Raiden’s productions for Offkey. Finally When The Time Comes closes things out in style with a deep, subby roller. Not the usual hard as nails style from Hardware, but still bearing their mark of quality, this EP is one for the heads. Watch out for the release dropping on vinyl & digital from October 28th.


Get to Know…Lifted Music

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere since 2006 it seems unlikely that you won’t have heard of Lifted Music. Starting early with a succession of classic releases from the likes of Spor, Evol Intent Ewun and Apex, the label had a quiet patch for a bit but has recently had all guns blazing once again with a slew of great releases over the last few months and plenty more to come.

Late last year the label came out with a seriously tidy EP in the form of From Roots To Wings. Featuring massive, futuristic tech-funk from Aeph, Memtrix, Neonlight, Receptor & Infuze, the release was all about dancefloor stompage and it delivered that by the spades.

Not content with that, Lifted squeezed out a 4 track EP from Neonlight just before Christmas with more heavy yet melodic tunes. Computer Music in particular has barely left my sets recently.

Not content with dominating the drum & bass scene, Lifted have just dropped a high quality Dubstep release from Meta with his second EP for their Lifted Dub arm. Delivering far more melody and production value than much of the over-saturated 140 BPM market but still retaining that futuristic Lifted sound, this is definitely worth a look.

Just in case you needed any further encouragement, here’s a classic from the back catalogue, Spor’s Knock You Down from LFTD001. Check it out, and grab the releases from the Lifted Store!