SCAR – Old Ground EP [Metalheadz Platinum]

It’s been quite a year for SCAR – with singles for Horizons, an EP and a limited edition dubplate for Dispatch and appearances on Metalheadz Platinum Breakz 4 LP the duo have burst onto the scene with gusto. Their latest work sees them bringing a solo EP for the ‘headz camp and as you’d expect it sees them at the top of their game.

So Suddenly leads the EP, showing off an obvious affinity for tough, techy D&B. Ruby meanwhile has more of a classic ‘headz vibe, bringing to mind the sound of some of their 90s releases with more old-fashioned synth work and crustier break chops. Old Ground brings a combination of skittering drums and sub bass menance to the table, leaving Old Time Metal to close out the EP with dubby samples and hard, metallic snares.

Excellent work once again from the SCAR camp! Check out the clips below and head over to the ‘headz store to pre-order this one on vinyl or digital – full release drops from October 27th.

Zero T & Script – Guessing Games (Bailey Remix) [Dispatch Recordings]

Dispatch Recordings get busy with a big 12″ featuring a pair of techy dancefloor rollers from some of the biggest names in the game. Bailey makes a rare production appearance to remix Zero T & Script’s Guessing Games, taking the atmosphere and heft of the original and turning in a tougher relick. Those drums! Punchy business.

Next up production wonder-duo SCAR return to Dispatch with Spectre, aiming for the chest with a rolling break and savage bass hits. This one’s sure to provoke a few gun fingers on the dancefloor!

Those of you who’ve kept your eyes on the Dispatch Store may already have snagged a (now sold out) advance vinyl copy. For the rest of you, check out the clips below and watch out for the full release dropping from June 23rd.


SCAR – Call To Arms EP [Dispatch]

Dispatch return with a storming EP from Survival and Script in their new SCAR collaborative alias. As you’d expect from both the producers and the label this is heavy tech D&B at it’s finest with every kick, snare and mangled bassline perfectly placed for maximum impact.

Burnside gets the EP off to a fine start with a precise yet raw slice of dark, rolling drum & bass. Call To Arms ups the ante with a seriously broody intro the builds suspense all the way from the initial snares, through the ominous stab samples and into the groaning bass of the drop. Screwfaces at the ready!

Out into the back side of the EP the duo get creative on Time Constant with some nice clattering breaks and plenty of tasty drum edits, while Dodgy Dalek aims for sheer groove and succeeds in ample measure. SCAR are clearly a duo to watch this year if this EP is anything to go by. Head on over to the Dispatch Store or Surus to grab it now!