DNB Dojo Mix Series #TBT Edition: Hex


We’re celebrating #TBT in style today with a special all vinyl classics mix from Dojo boss Hex! Featuring some of his favourite plates from over a decade of vinyl releases and more than a handful of instantly recognisable D&B anthems, this one should put a nostalgic smile on your face, and then some.

As usual you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Mixcloud, Hearthis.at or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Dropbox.

Rawthang – Scorned [Black Sun Empire – 2003]
Noisia – Block Control [Moving Shadow – 2005]
dBridge & Maldini – True Romance [Metalheadz – 2004]
Chris.Su – Solaris VIP [Subtitles – 2006]
Nu:Tone & Logistics – Bleeper [Hospital – 2010]
Trei – Thunder Biscuit [Samurai – 2009]
Ewun – Hate Machine (Spor Remix) [Barcode – 2006]
Photek – Ni Ten Ichi Ryu (Teebee Remix) [Photek Productions – 2006]
T.E.E.D. – Garden (Calibre Remix) [White Label – 2011]
Fracture & Neptune – The Limit [Astrophonica – 2010]
Spor – Lose It [Renegade Hardware – 2005]
Break – Your Time Will Come [Dispatch – 2011]
Concord Dawn – Morning Light (Klute Remix) [Tymeless – 2004]
Black Sun Empire – Milkshake [Black Sun Empire – 2009]
Commix – Faceless [Shogun – 2006]
Spectrasoul – Mimic [Subtitles – 2009]
Noisia – Facade [RAM – 2006]
Ben Sage & Savvy – Sleepless VIP [Evol Intent – 2004]
Noisia – Brainstitch [Shogun – 2005]
Ulterior Motive & Codebreaker – It’s On [Subtitles – 2012]
Bad Company – Bullet Time (Spor Remix) [Bad Taste – 2009]
Calibre & MC Fats – Drop It Down [Signature – 2004]
Break – Is This What You Want [Symmetry – 2008]
Ewun – Screw Up [Lifted – 2006]
Optical – Slip Thru [Virus – 1998]
Data – Compassion [Metalheadz – 2010]
Konflict – Messiah (Spor Remix) [Renegade Hardware – 2005]

Classic Track: Breakage – Staggered Dub

Back in the early days of Critical Music and back when Breakage still made music at D&B tempo, Kasra’s then fledgling imprint offered up the veritable amen smasher that is Staggered Dub. Breaks that are tougher than aged leather, massive dub bass and that oh so memorable vocal snippet make this every bit as much of a weapon as it was ten years ago on release. Shake ya hips!

Classic Track: Noisia – Vanishing Point


Wind back to 2004 and Noisia are far from the titans of the electronic scene they’ve become over the past decade; at this point they’re beginning to enjoy their first successes, turning heads in the scene with 12″s for Nerve, Subtitles and Citrus. Vanishing Point saw them building on their success with a release for Mayhem’s influential (though now sadly defunct) Shadow Law imprint.

The tune is a masterclass of relatively restrained but still dancefloor worthy tech – heavy breaks, tasty atmospherics and weighty sub bass all coming together to produce a recognisable roller. The drum roll and bass hits before the main drop followed by the infectious synth stabs always make me smile, and the little details in the progression of the tune make all the difference. Snap it up if you see a copy on vinyl!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KPcgootqBw]