Premiere: Deficit – Eternum (Wreckless Remix)

AutomAte return after a bit of a hiatus with an absolute thumper of a tune! Label regular Deficit is on remix duties, flipping round Deficit’s 2014 halftime grumbler Eternum into a rolling tech nasty with an infectious lead hook and that trademark Wreckless “breaks and atmos” vibe. Dangerous! Look for this at all good digital stores Sept 24th…

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Premiere: Wreckless – Disco Dub

Wreckless lands on Addictive Behaviour with a wicked new EP this month so naturally we had to grab an exclusive…the man himself has a few words for us on the track which provide some insight into its creation to boot. Check that out below and watch out for the release dropping Aug 5th at Beatport.

‘Disco Dub’ is a homage to old pirate radio and the synths in house music. A friend of mine from uni used to make the most awesome house music in the room above mine, it was honestly incredible. This track is just trying to get those house music sounds from a decade previous into a D&B arrangement. The whole tune sounds really old, the breaks all rattle, and the resonances are harsh, most of the synths are recorded as live jams and this gives it the loose, older style feeling for me. Long live MIDI.

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Premiere: Wreckless & Olski – Ockendon

Wreckless lands on Peer Pressure Records with a hotly anticipated new EP today, and we’ve got the exclusive on Olski collab Ockendon! Combining soulful elements with that dark and moody texture we know and love, this one is equal parts light and dark. Wicked depths…hit up the Peer Pressure bandcamp to grab the EP today.

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Philth & Wreckless – Heimlich EP [Dispatch]

Philth and Wreckless are two artists we’ve been following for a long time now here at Dojo HQ. From promising early releases for the likes of AutomAte and Flexout Audio, it’s great to see the duo stepping up to release on Dispatch, and the result is some of their finest material to date, either solo or collaboratively.

The EP covers their style of dark, techy D&B through and through, with deeper but still chunky cuts like Heimlich Savage and On My Mind sitting alongside heavier outings Entropy and Surge Wave, the latter being an absolute weapon that takes influence from the classic Renegade Hardware sound of the mid 2000s. If you want four slabs of rolling tech funk then it doesn’t get much better than this! Check out the clips below and head to the Dispatch Store to grab the EP right now…

Premiere: Philth & Wreckless – Unstable

Philth teams up with semi-regular collaborator Wreckless on today’s premiere. Part of the first in a series of collab EPs for Peer Pressure entitled Synapses, the duo serve up a characteristically crisp and techy roller with some super satisfying drum fills and an incredible classical intro; maximum atmosphere. Hit up the Peer Pressure Bandcamp page to grab this one right now – the EP is out today!

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Wreckless – As The Cold Hits [AutomAte]

AutomAte return once again with more beats from reliable London beatsmith Wreckless. As The Cold Hits gets the juices flowing with a detailed, rolling drum groove and ices the cake with a big scuzzy bassline and creepy atmospheric pad work; ice cold indeed.

Inhale doesn’t pull any punches either, with an ambient intro giving way abruptly to huge, crunchy bass hits and hard, metallic snares; more of a head-banger than a dancing tune, and fearsome in its intent. Check out the clips below and watch out for this one dropping at all good digital outlets from September 15th.

Wreckless – Hard Light (Deficit Remix) [AutomAte]

AutomAte keep up the pressure on their many sub-labels with the first release on their green label, this time with label head honcho Deficit at the controls! Wreckless’ Hard Light gets the remix treatment, with the original’s angularity replaced by a hefty rolling break in much of the tune. Abrupt switch ups give the tune much of it’s character alongside a spooky lead echoing around the upper echelons of the track.

Over on the flip the too team up to deliver a hefty stepper with bass stabs and sweeps knocking down the doors left, right and centre while the beat drives the tune steadily forward. Despite the varied bassline the tune treads a fine path, never descending into the hyperactive ADD territory that some tracks occupy. Watch out for these two dropping May 5th at all good digital outlets!

Philth & Wreckless – Poison Remixes [Automate]

Automate continue their assault on the dark end of D&B with the latest release on their Tech imprint featuring remixes of previous Automate release Poison. Berlin hardstep legend The Sect steps up on the A side to deliver a bone crunchingly heavy on the original that is sure to be setting dancefloors alight over the next few months.

Over on the flip Fortitude presents a totally different take on the sound, trimming the beats down to a halfstep gate and mixing deep, growling low end with shimmering, ambient synth work. Check out the beats below and watch out for the release from December 2nd.

Philth & Wreckless – Overload / Remember [Automate Tech]

Automate Tech returns with another excellent pair of tunes from the appropriately named Philth. The man goes in solo on the A-side bringing dark, gnarly vibes in the form of Overload. Sci-fi samples, moody pads, skittering percussion and gravelly low end combine to form a belter of a tune that reminds me of old Audio tunes on Subtitles and clearly draws inspiration from a host of the best tech and neuro.

Remember on the flip sees Philth teaming up with Wreckless to deliver a skittering reese tearer with some seriously deft percussion work defining the track. Once again dark and gritty is the order of the day here, with seriously brooding atmosphere on the intro giving way to morphing basslines that are sure to see screwfaces on the dancefloor.

Watch out for these dropping via all good digital outlets on September 16th.

Philth & Wreckless – Poison [Automate]

Bristol’s Automate DnB have been carving themselves a nice little niche as purveyors of dirty tech beats via their Automate Tech imprint and their latest release delivers more of that from big and small names alike.

The A side sees Philth & Wreckless team up for a deep, dark, reese-imbued stepper with some deftly off-kilter breakbeat work that brings to mind some of Skitty’s older releases. Filled with both depth and grit, the track marks out these new producers as ones to watch.

Over on the flip the label scores a remix from the mighty Raiden who puts his touch to Arclight’s Pluroform. Gone are the clattering breaks of the original, replaced with a deeper, more tribal rhythm and some nice bass sweeps, making a great match for the deep and dark of the A-side.

Look out for this one dropping May 6th via all good digital stores!