Sabrepulse – First Crush EP

Those familiar with the 8-bit scene should recognise Sabrepulse but for anyone with less geeky tendencies, this dude makes music with Gameboys. A prolific member of the scene for many years, Sabrepulse’s production styles vary from release to release – his older material was very much breakcore in influence, while this latest EP covers 8-bit style Drum’n’bass, Dubstep and Electro.

Opening track First Crush (featuring Knife City aka Luke from Anamanguchi) is a sublime bit of cheery bleeped up drum’n’bass with a slick transitional bridge which takes us down to 140bpm for a bit of a dubstep vibe before bringing the tempo back up. City at Speed is a piano driven liquid roller which brings to mind the likes of Camo & Krooked, layered over with Sabrepulse’s trademark 8-bit vibes. Other tracks like Arcanine and Paradise explore dubstep territory with maximum wonk and wobble (a little OTT for my taste I must admit) while The Rapture and Futureproof provide tidy slices of euphoric electro house. Best of all the whole EP is free! Grab it from or stream below.

[bandcamp album=893776931  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]

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