Utopia Music Q&A

I’ve been keeping an ear out for the eclectic delights that see release on Utopia Music for a while now, and their latest work from Mikal and Rido keeps the quality every bit as high as I’ve come to expect. I caught up with label boss Mako for a quick Q&A on all things Utopia, and his views on snack food.

DNB Dojo: Some of the older Utopia releases from the likes of Andyskopes were more minimal/chilled out whereas the new release is leaning more towards a dancefloor/tech vibe. Is there a deliberate decision to take the label in a slightly different direction, or is it just a case of signing what you’re feeling right now?

Mako: I only sign the music I love so the direction is always dictated by emotion rather than deliberate thought processes. The 12″ just turned out that it was more of a tech vibe.  That doesn’t mean thats the direction I’m moving in. All I want to do here is release quality music, one 12″ after another, whether that me be a summer relaxed roller, a tribally bongo flex or some 174bpm rhythm and sound dub bass. I got Rido to remix the flip as I was interested in his production and wanted to establish a vibe with him as I feel he’s one of the better producers out there. Big ups to both him and Mikal for being badboys.

DD:  You recently put out a collab with the mighty Break, how did that come together? Did the four of you all get together in the studio or was it more sending stuff back and forth?

Mako: The collab with Break happened as part of a mutual respect that has been developing over the last few years. He’s a good friend and has helped me immensely in production and ethos. He had been playing a few tunes of ours so I invited him to the Utopia studio to write something. A mixture of styles converged and ‘Diligence’ was born. I had a lot of fun writing it, as i’m sure the other guys did and have loved hearing it on sound-systems across the country when playing with Fields and Villem.

DD: Who are your favourite producers or labels on the scene right now?

Mako: There’s a lot of great music coming from a lot of talented guys and girls out there. You can generally get an idea of what i’m feeling from the podcasts that i’ve done. Hard to single anyone out really. Do you want a really long list?

DD: What can you tell us about Utopia’s plans for 2013?

Mako: Plans for 2013 are to release more quality singles, one after the other. I’ve always wanted to do some teeshirts too so they will get looked at. I’m so fussy about everything its taking a while to get them sorted. A month or so after Mikal’s single drops we’ve got a musical Sunchase piece and a dancefloor destroyer called ‘Green Rain’ by an exciting up-and-coming producer ‘Detail’ in April, followed by an Andyskopes amen 12″ then another Fields 12″ in July. Theres a tune I’ve done with Critical Impact and another with Break that are coming soon too, but you’ll have to wait and see.

DD: Best addition to cheese on toast?

Mako: English organic ham, some Butland Organic Mature Cheese and some homemade chutney.

Check out the previews of the deadly new single from Mikal below, and grab yourself a copy Feb 18th!

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