Source Direct Remasters

Source Direct are often heralded as a top notch act in the history of Drum & Bass, having garnered critical acclaim as well as massive respect from Drum & Bass listeners across the board. To this day, their sound has gone largely unmatched.

We are reminded of the one-of-a-kind Source Direct sound (unless you keep their music in your usual rotation like I do) by the eclectic offering of their illustrious catalogue that has been recently remastered and released on the Odysee Recordings Bandcamp page in the last two weeks.

Included in the bountiful batch is The Crane, an iconic display of amens amid piercing palettes echoing into the ether straight from 1996. From their Hokusai moniker is 1996’s Black Rose, a mad dash through mutable breaks and profound atmospheres atop walloping subs thundering of sheer explosive force. And yet another 1996 tune, Complexities comes in under the auspices of peaceful melodies and succinct jazz samplings to create a sublime intelligent-D&B musing.

In addition to the fresh remasters, we’ve also been treated to three previously unreleased tracks from the Source Direct stable. These finely remastered and previously unreleased tracks are available now to be downloaded and enjoyed in digital format – but only for a limited time according to Source Direct!

Written By Luke Kessler

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