Guest Mix: Habit

Kiwi producer and DJ Habit lands on the decks for our latest guest mix! Between a packed calendar of appearances in his homeland (where clubbing is actually a thing…we envy you so New Zealand) and releases for ProgRAM, The Dreamers, Samsara Beats, SBK and more, Habit has been a busy man over the last few years, crafting his signature brand of high-energy D&B.

The mix feels like the mirror of Habit’s production style; energetic, but varied in style, crossing dancefloor, neuro, halftime and deeper beats to boot (including a fistful of his own tunes, of course). As always you can check out the mix via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Subcriminal – Dragon EP [X-AMNT]

Regular readers will probably already have noticed that while we cover a bit of everything here at DNB Dojo, we’re generally not a fan of the more jump-up/up-front end of the sound. Every now and then though we hear something drawing on that energy which is too good not to shout about…and that’s exactly what we found on the new Subcriminal EP!

Released a few days ago via Bristol imprint X-AMNT, the exuberant style on show here is both refreshing and fairly unique, ignoring the often po-faced aesthetic of dark and moody D&B in favour of an uplifting and effervescent focus on melody. Make no mistake though, these aren’t cookie-cutter liquid rollers either, and therein lies their unique appeal.

Clearly drawing on influences from outside of D&B (if we had to guess we’d say future garage and videogame soundtracks), Subcriminal is carving his own niche with this one. The EP delivers dancefloor focused stompage on Dragon Egg and Incubator, and melodic joy via Flying Dragon and Movie. We’ve had this on heavy rotation here at Dojo HQ and we suggest you do too – check it out below and hit up the usual digital outlets to buy or stream right now.

Premiere: K2T – The Tranquillity of Being With The Self (Colossus VIP Remix)

Colossus lands in our premiere spotlight today with a slick VIP remix of K2T’s The Tranquillity of Being With The Self. Retaining the heroic melodies of the original but playing with the rhythm via halftime segments and amen workouts, this is a wicked spin that retains the vibe but adds a little extra spice. Watch out for the release coming March 12th at digital stores!

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Evolved – Encounter 001

When three labels from three countries join forces for a new series of releases you know you’re in for something special. Enter T3K, Sine Function and Hanzom, as they unite for the Encounter series. With three labels collaborating on the release it seems appropriate that the music itself is also a collaborative venture – Evolved sees four producers from Brussels pooling their talents, and thus far the results have been impressive, not least their recent EP for Delta9 Recordings.

On this release the Evolved gang are flexing their creative muscles to create some finely sharpened, futuristic D&B cuts. The influence of the harder-edged neurofunk sound is audible here in the sound design and percussion but the overall aesthetic is one of restraint; detailed atmospheres have largely been prioritised over brutalising basslines.

The result is three detailed, enthralling tracks taking in different styles; Brainless delivers a dark and ominous roller, while Intuition goes deeper, serving up futuristic android soul against sharpened percussive presence. The Cure rounds things out with a menacing halftime swagger, keeping the atmosphere but adding a hint of hip-hop swing.

Overall this is a powerful statement of intent and some of the most interesting music we’ve heard so far this year, combining technicality with soul and depth. We look forward to hearing more from Evolved and more from Encounter…in the meantime Encounter 001 is available right now via digital stores and streaming.

Premiere: Minor Forms – The Hunt

Old school tech roller vibes on this one as we scoop a premiere from Minor Forms’ new release on CIA! Fans of classic Virus Recordings and the 90s Wormhole era will definitely appreciate this one…watch out for the EP coming Feb 26th exclusively at Beatport.

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Premiere: HEFT – Anagram 2

Atmospheric 170 vibrations from HEFT on today’s premiere as he lands on Onset Audio with a release that blurs the boundary between autonomic D&B and ambient electronica. Ultra deep! Watch out for this coming March 5th…

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Premiere: Hex – Vats of Acid

Dojo boss Hex is back with new music this month for Quentin Hiatus’s Free Love Digi imprint, and we’ve got the premiere today for Vats of Acid. Living up to its title this one is all acid synth leads, set over a stomping halftime beat and meaty bassline, with a hint of trap in those hat rolls. Watch out for this one exclusively at Beatport & Bandcamp Feb 26th; all other stores follow two weeks later.

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DNB Dojo Podcast #52 – Feb 2021

It’s that time once again; Hex is back on the Dojo decks with a fistful of new beats from GEST, Phonograph, Zero T, Radiax, Loxy & Resound, Sleepnet and many more, plus unreleased music from Joakuim and a new track from Hex’s forthcoming EP on Free Love Digi. Check it out!

As always you can check out the podcast via Soundcloud below or head to Youtube or iTunes to stream. You can also grab a download from Google Drive.

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Get To Know: Rua Sound

Based in Galway, Ireland, Rua Sound have been operating for just under five years, but in that relatively short period they’ve already established themselves as purveyors of some of the most exciting sounds in the 170 sphere. The main label plays host to the melting pot of sounds crossing grime, dub, jungle and D&B while sister-imprint Foxy Jangle sprang up to provide more “straight up” jungle outings.

Quality control has been their hallmark on both fronts, with just 11 releases on the main label and 6 more Jangle 12″s, but the results speak for themselves; all killer, no filler. Read on for five of our faves…

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Premiere: Phonograph – Feel So High

Phonograph returns to Hyperactivity Music for the fourth volume of their Polychrome VA LP series, and returns to our premiere spotlight! Cementing his trademark style for combining tough basslines with melodic elements, Feel So High treads the line between liquid and techstep…delicious, rolling vibes. Look for the LP at digital stores from Feb 26th!

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