Subtension – Black Haze [Samurai Music]

Samurai Music return with another of their absolutely beautiful marbled 12″s, this time featuring a stunning selection of beats from Slovakian producer SubtensionBlack Haze builds tension masterfully with filter sweeps on the break proving a massive tease before the absolutely epic drop; this is one of the dirtiest tunes I’ve heard so far this year, and the bass engineering on show is impressive.

Changes over on the flip heads for more straightforward roller territory but fear not, this is by no means a mundane tune. Intricate percussion and growling bass swells combine for a tune that’s packed full of character and punch. Last but not least, the digital package features an exclusive 3rd track Inner Man. Dropping things down to a half-step tempo and adding a heavy swing to the beat on the first half of the tune before bringing things up to full tempo with a skittering break in the second half, something tells me this one will be punctuating my sets nicely over the next few months.

Check out the audio below and pre-order your copy from the Samurai Surus store, full release coming June 3rd.

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