Genotype – Lessons In Depth EP [Samurai Music]

The legendary Genotype brings his signature brand of deep, futuristic jungle to Samurai Music with an EP that oozes character and atmosphere. From the natural, tribal percussion and dubby hip-hop vibe of Jam That Feel through the oddly cheery classical flourishes of the intro to Financial War and out into the bleak minimalism of Creative Elements, the EP largely defies genre conventions and eschews traditional structures in favour of delivering beats aimed at your head and your heart.

Even when we’re in more familiar D&B territory on The Day After The Night the quality and sound design is absolutely breathtaking, and the track retains a left-field vibe, harking back to old Hardware B-sides. Definitely one for the deep heads, but also possibly the best thing Genotype has ever made…look out for this one on vinyl and digital from June 24th.

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