Liquid Technology Vol. 1 [Terabyte Records]

Midlands powerhouse Terabyte Records switches tack on their latest release, moving away from the moody tech they’ve been building a name for themselves with and putting out an EP of smooth liquid just in time for the summer sun. Label co-founder Altered Perception provides the bulk of the tunes, teaming up with Zach Herer on the beautiful vibes of The Rain and the more leftfield beats of Bitter Expanse; the latter truly pushes the boundaries, combining an unconvential beat structure with some nice jazzy synth work and deep pads.

The man goes in solo on Lunar, serving up a deep, atmospheric roller in the style of the likes of Seba or Blu Mar Ten. Finally Automate (not to be confused with the label of the same name) takes things to a jungley place with the appropriately named Shuffle Hustle; it’s all in the skittering break on this one folks. Look out for these dropping on digital from July 29th.

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