Andyskopes – True Chord Redux [Utopia Music]


Andyskopes combines the spirit of 90s jungle with the deep, ethereal vibes we’ve come to know and love from Utopia Music on the labels 13th single. Soft, floating pads give the tune it’s soul and mesh perfectly with the clattering, filtered breaks that drive the composition, giving True Chord Redux much of the vibe and atmosphere of old drumfunk records from the likes of DJ Trax and Paradox.

True Human Emotion goes in even harder on the flip, with rough and tough amens smashing up the track after the strings of the intro have given way to a choice sample from Michael Fassbender’s android in Prometheus. Every drum hit is perfectly positioned for maximum impact; one for the old school heads.

Watch out for the release on vinyl & digital from August 5th.

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