Q&A – Slime [E-Motion]

With the label celebrating it’s 25th release we thought it was high time we caught up with E-Motion head honcho Slime for a wee chat. He’s also been kind enough to record an exclusive mix for DnB Dojo which you can find at the bottom, so read on for thoughts and beats aplenty!

DnB Dojo: E-Motion has now been running for nearly 3 years and has reached its 25th release, no mean feat! What do you think the label’s biggest achievement has been so far?

Slime: I think for some it would signing that one big artist or successfully running their own label night, but for me it’s just simply getting support from some of the biggest players in the scene. It seems like I spend most my life downloading and listening to drum and bass mixes and when I hear someone, especially someone who’s considered a veteran within the scene playing our tracks, it certainly puts a smile on my face.

DD: Some of the label’s recent releases have come from as far afield as Brazil, Israel and the USA. Was there a deliberate decision to try and seek out tunes from further afield or is it just a case of being sent great tunes?

S: No, as you say it’s just luck of the draw to have worldwide artists sending me demos. I think it’s great that drum and bass spans right across the world and I am more than happy to release tracks regardless of where they are from. If someone from, let’s say Uranus sent me a demo and I liked it, I would sign that too!

DD: Cruel question though this might be, what’s your favourite tune from the E-Motion catalogue so far? I keep going back to Lisp – Kimura, love that tune!

S: Erm well that is a hard one. Obviously I like every tune we have put on, but one that stands out for me, as it does for a lot of our fans, is Colossus – Under The Weather. That’s a definite firm favourite and even though it was our second release I still draw for it to this day!

DD: So far the label’s output has been digital only, do you have any plans to put out physical releases?

S: I think as a digital label the dream of going vinyl is always there. I have been very close to putting out a couple of our releases on vinyl but have been advised otherwise by more established friends within the scene. It’s still early days though, so who knows what the future will bring!

DD: What’s in store for E-Motion in 2014?

S: As it stands we are just going with the flow and will be continuing to do what we have been for the last 25 releases. I have wicked demos land in my inbox on a weekly basis so we are not short for releases. We have forthcoming bits from Zere, Jam Thieves, Vigorous & DMT to name a few, so there’s no doubt we will be keeping busy right into 2015.

E-Motion’s latest single from US producer Zere is out now at all good digital stores! Check out Slime’s guest mix below and grab yourself a free download from Dropbox.

1. Greyscale & Spillage – Special One
2. LSB feat Sophia Wardman – If You’re Here
3. Facing Jinx – Dependant
4. David Boomah – Where Do We Go From Here (Calibre Remix)
5. Mako, DLR, Villem & Ant TC1 – Hungry For Atmosphere
6. Lynx – Disco Dodo
7. Sam Binga feat Redders – Lef Dem
8. Binary – Etched
9. Zere – Interval
10. Aries, Gold Dubs, Bevan, Andy Sim feat Lion Art – Chem Trails
11. Habitat – Holdin’ It Down
12. Zere – Outsource 1
3. M-Soul & S27 – The Grief
14. Binary – Polaris
15. Lavance – Escape
16. Etherwood – Spoken (S.P.Y Remix)
17. Cybin – Departure
18. Seba – Science Fiction
19. Habitat – Can They Hear Me
20. Ravager – Runaway (Livewire Remix)
21. DMT – Crushed Ice
22. Virtue Feat Bonnie Rabson – Moment
23. Jam Thieves – Cannibal
24. Bipolar – Like This
25. Brains – We Are One (Chris Su Remix)
26. Melinki and Phenz – Electric Love
27. Virtue Feat Impact MC – Finest Days (Livewire Remix)
28. Duoscience – Dawn
29. Pennygiles – I Remember
30. Vigorous – More Than You’ll Ever Know

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