Teddy Killerz – Big Blow [ProgRAM]

Teddy Killerz latest release sees them take their foot off the gas slightly compared to the face melting material they’ve built a rep with, but that’s not to say this EP is lacking in teeth, just imbued with a little more subtlety. Big Blow kicks things off with a nice combination of classy piano and slow drum rolls on the intro before the main drop kicks in with a familiar D&B impact and some nicely modulated bass.

Jackyl & Hyde heads for more familiar territory with MC Coppa on board for the ride but to be honest it just doesn’t have the punch of other Coppa tracks like On Like That or Pocket Full of DropsEra meanwhile makes great use of atmospherics and heavy techstep kicks and snares for an angular workout. Lastly Una Mattina closes out the EP with a bright, trancey lead, swung beats and a wobbly bassline that it’s difficult not to enjoy. Check out the beats below and grab this on vinyl or digital now!

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