Lakeway – Digital Serotonin / Sinister Stepper [E-Motion Records]

E-Motion Records latest single sees Exeter producer Lakeway pushing the boundaries of the 170 sound on a pair of exciting new tunes. Digital Serotonin eschews the traditional rolling breaks that characterise much of D&B in favour of an angular beat driven by rapid snare hits and imbued with all manner of extra percussive glitches and fills. Spooky atmospherics and simple yet effective sub bass complete the tune nicely; this one should prove a tasty mood switcher for a break in the mix from the more predictable rollers.

Over on the flip Sinister Stepper lives up to its name with creepy melody and a sense of foreboding on the intro before a grimey drop. Hefty kicks and snares punctuate the rhythmic sub bass for a minimal sound with maximal impact. Check out the clips below and grab this one from your favourite digital outlet from Monday 7th July.

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