Technimatic – Desire Paths [Shogun Audio]

As we approach the July 27th release date gradually the good folk at Shogun Audio are revealing more and more of the new Technimatic album, and it’s shaping up to be well worth a look for fans of the melodic end of the genre. From the super mellow Music is Music and the interesting rhythms of Perseverance to the more dancefloor friendly stylings of Beneath The Skies and Tectonic, it’s difficult to argue with the quality of the tracks on show so far.

My pick of the bunch has to be the insistent yet understated piano and crisp breaks of Looking For Diversion, featuring the delicate vocal talents of Lucy Kitchen, but there are plenty of other highlights too including the drumfunk workout of Lost Times and the downtempo funk of Mucky Jeff. Check out the clips below and watch out for the album dropping very soon on vinyl and digital.

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