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Diffrent Music boss Dexta kicks off his year with a new single for None60. It’d been a while since our last chat, so we figured we’d get caught up on the new beats and all things Diffrent. Check it out…

DNB Dojo: Hi Chris! Thanks for taking the time. How are you today sir?

Dexta: Not too soggy, currently waiting for my train home in the rain, a tad hungry, but the fridge is full so it’ll be a delightful return!

DD: You’ve got a new single coming out on Silent Dust’s None60 imprint. How did that all come about? Can we expect to see something from Silent Dust on Diffrent Music?

Dexta: I’ve been exchanging music, thoughts and such with Andy Hobzee for a while now, I’m basically a big (literally) fan boy of the duo and the label, just listening back to the catalogue does stuff to me! I’d sent over some bit’s and bobs last year which the guys were quite interested in, which sadly didn’t work as a single release, so I went and made some more suitable music which resulted in the signing of two None60 singles (one of which is out now, and the other to follow!). Silent Dust are working on their own stuff at the moment, there are a couple of collaborations on the go and talks of other ventures between Diffrent & None60, so keep your eyes peeled!

DD: Both tunes seem to carry a hefty dub reggage influence and certainly aren’t “traditional D&B”. Was there any specific inspiration for the tracks, or did they just come out of the melting pot that way?

Dexta: If you already follow me and my work you’ll know I have no set ‘style’ or ‘preference’. I work with whatever’s at hand and make noise that I like, and would be happy to play out, in mixes or just show off. This record is very ‘grime’ sounding, the big open Moog bass on Tempest Dub, and the big modulated stabs and light melodic parts in Mukky Riddim. There’s a massive dub influence in Tempest Dub for sure, the main vocal was lifted out of a classic reggae record, and the 4×4 bass-drum is very reminiscent of old dub reggae sound system riddims! I don’t sit down with a massive vision in the studio, I just go with the flow and see what comes out!

DD: 2014 was a big year for Diffrent, with some great releases on the new “Giraffestep” side of the label alongside big new bits from the core label family and a nice vinyl retrospective. What were your highlights from the year, and what have you got in store for the label in 2015?

Dexta: Yeah, it was very busy indeed. Highlight was the great music that I was given to work with. The new GiraffeStep series which enables me to get more new artists on board, the bookings which let me take the labels sounds on road and a massive lot of credit to everyone who’s supported the music and paid to see us play it out!! 2015…more music, more nights, more GiraffeCasts!

DD:  Have you got any gigs coming up you’d like folk to know about?

Dexta: If you’re in Holland, I’m playing at Haunted Science with Sense MC on 21st Feb which is in Amsterdam. I’ve got a couple of UK dates to announce in coming weeks, and we’re doing a monthly live stream from the Diffrent Music HQ @ www.diffrent.tv. Also, if you’re looking to book me, bookings@diffrentmusic.com.

DD: Last but not least, top five tunes you’ve been rinsing out recently?

Dexta: I’ve got about 80 tunes in my current record box…a few non movers:

  • Crypticz – We A Dem
  • Dexta & Gaunt – The Bunker
  • Fixate – Throwback Therapy
  • Amoss – Call Of The Giraffe
  • Om Unit – Touching Down

Check out the clips of Tempest Dub / Mukky Riddim below and grab the single from your favourite digital outlet now!

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