Q&A – Adred [CIA Deepkut]

CIA Deepkut’s latest signing has come seemingly from nowhere. Bringing together a strong New York hip-hop influence and an obvious appreciation for D&B’s rich heritage, Adred’s new 300 Pages EP represents something fresh and different from a name we’re sure you’ll hear more from. We tracked down the man himself for a quick chat about working with vocalists, his link with Total Science and the state of the US scene.

DNB Dojo: Hi Adred, thanks for chatting with us today! Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Adred: Thanks for having me! Sure, I am from the suburbs of New York City, I’ve been into drum and bass for 15 years, and into production for 12 years. In addition to drum and bass I also produce a wide variety of music including techno, breakbeats, hip hop and garage.

DD: Your very first release is coming to us via Total Science’s CIA Deepkut label, quite a coup for a new name in the D&B scene! How did you link up with the CIA crew?

A: I host a party in NYC called Natural Selection and I met Paul a few months back when I booked him to play. I pitched him a tune that I wrote with my friend Lenny and he was interested in having me do an EP for him.

DD: Can you tell us a bit about your musical background and how you came to D&B?

A: My father was a musician so growing up I was always around music. I found drum and bass  in the late 90’s at a rave. I really enjoyed the energy of the music and decided in that moment that I wanted to DJ/produce it.

DD: The EP is unusual for D&B production in that it contains no instrumental tracks. How did you come to work with the different vocalists, and how did they play into the writing process?

A: I have known and worked with them for years, I don’t always work with vocalists but it just seemed to fit with these tracks. Robert and I co-produced 300 Pages. For the other three tracks, I had Lystone and T.R.A.C lay down vocals and I wrote around them.

DD: There’s a fairly strong old school hip-hop vibe on the release, particularly on Red Night. Is that a deliberate effect? Are you drawing on any particular records or artists for inspiration?

A: It’s definitely a deliberate effect! In terms of influences I’m a huge fan of DJ Premier. When Paul and I met a few months back he told me how much he likes 90’s hip-hop, so I thought it would be interesting to give him a couple of true New York hip-hop tracks.

DD: How do you view the D&B scene in the US just now? Is the rise of EDM helping or hurting the underground?

A: Drum and bass is growing in the States. There are at least three to four big parties a month, it’s pretty healthy. The scene is definitely benefitting from the EDM culture.

DD: Last but not least, any shows or upcoming releases you’d like to shout about?

A: Thanks for chatting with me! I have an EP coming out on Soul:r and a techno release on 31 Records as Eastern District, which is my collaboration with Robert Manos, so look out for those.

The 300 Pages EP is available right now via the CIA Records Bandcamp page, with general release to follow from Oct 30th.

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